Sunday, July 20, 2014

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #235 - I Want My Money Back

1997 - What a great year for music - Grandpaboy, The Cramps, Sloan, The Stitches and The Dictators - "How Do you Like Them Apples?"

Here's the Playlist:

Transmissions from Uranus
Man... or Astro-man?
Live Transmissions from Uranus

Red Lasso

Mess Around
Redd Kross
Show World

Strange Love
Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys
Feelin' Kinda Lucky
Suggested by Noland of The Tanked

Agile, Mobile And Hostile
Andre Williams

Black Grape
Stupid Stupid Stupid
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Threatening Skies
Back from the Dead

Caps and Bottles
Dropkick Murphys
Boys on the Docks

Motor Cycle Leather Boy
Guitar Wolf
Planet Of The Wolves

How Long
Flat Duo Jets
Wild Blue Yonder - LiveLiveLive

a.k.a. I-D-I-O-T
The Hives
Barely Legal

Boom Swagger Boom
Murder City Devils
The Murder City Devils
Suggested by Christian

Sell Myself

Dig Up Her Bones
The Misfits
American Psycho

Purple Toupee
They Might Be Giants

I Can't Satisfy
Sugar Shack
Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time

Load Up
The Meteors
Bastard Sons of a Rock & Roll Devil

Badass Bug
Big Beat from Badsville

The Good in Everyone
One Chord to Another

White Men In Black Suits
So Much For The Afterglow
Suggested by Boyd

Let's Face It
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Let's Face It

Old 97's
Too Far to Care

Miss Modular
Dots And Loops
Suggested by John

The Shazam
The Shazam

Rip It, Rip It Up
The Swingin' Neckbreakers
Kick Your Ass

Hate Your Way
Mono Men
Have A Nice Day, Motherfucker

Untamed Youth
Live At GarageShock 1997

Creative Adult
Psychic Mess

First World Problems
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Mandatory Fun

X Heart
Black Heart Breakers
Black Heart Breakers

summer's gone
Beyond Medication

You Tear Me Out
The Stitches
Dead Beat 7"

I Want My Money Back
Monolyth / Soundproof 7"

Baby Talk
Cheap Trick
Sub Pop 7"

Who Will Save Rock And Roll?
Norton 7"

Golden Skin
Silver Sun
UK Flesh Color Polydor 7"

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