Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager

Cracked open a Rogue Brewery Dirtoir Black Lager this afternoon to go with some "research".  My local news stand started to carry that great UK magazine called the Record Collector again and I picked up the latest issue with a cover story on the Clash's Give 'em Enough Rope.  Also picked up a great used book called Long May You Run - the Illustrated History.  It has a great Neil Young 45 discography in one of the indices - I need to fill some gaps in my collection......

Here's the website for the Brew -------> Rogue Ales

Great chocolate milk head and damn fine smooth finish - wow - this one is nice.  I bought 3 over at my local Beer Shoppe and I'm glad I did.  Nice ceramic label on the bottle (the art is fired into the glass - not a paper label) - pretty classy......  They have a call to arms on the label too - Grow Your Own! - something about only using ingredients grown at the winery - kinda like an Estate wine perhaps?


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