Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Redox #320 - Takin' Care Of Business

 Originally Posted 8/7/16

Covered up in genres tonight - twisting around the edges!

Here's the Playlist:

Ain't Nothin' to Do 
The Hellacopters
Cream of the Crap! Vol. 2

Janie Jones
Chris Murray
Suggested by Boyd

I'm In Love With A Girl 
All a Man Should Do
BBC Punk Sessions

Let's Have A Party
Little Tina & Flight '56
This Little Girl Is Gonna Rock It!

Cosmic Psychos
Dung Australia
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Move Me
The Stoneage Hearts
The Great Stems Hoax: A Tribute To The Stems 

The Rocker
Texas Terri Bomb
Your Lips... My Ass

Tore Up
Tommy LaBeef
Greasy Rock 'N' Roll - Vol 4

Nouvelle Vague 
Stereo Total
Juke-Box Alarm

Steel Strings
Marshall Crenshaw
Mary Jean & 9 Others 

Police Brutality
Hardcore Covers 7"

12 x U
Dag Nasty
Field Day

Blood And Roses
The Clarks

Fortunate Son
Circle Jerks      

Don't Slander Me
Lords Of Altamont
Altamont Sin
Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie
Stray Cats
Built For Speed

Neutron Dance
Beat My Drum

That's Cool, That's Trash
The Street Cleaners
Riot City! The Wildest Shindig Ever!

Highway To Hell
Ed Kuepper
A King In The Kindness Room
Suggested by Darren

Starry Eyes
Too Much Joy 

Taking Care Of Business
The Shit Hits The Fans

Pair Of Brown Eyes
Peter Case
Peter Case

Dancing Girl
Master's Apprentices
Complete Recordings 1965-1968

Have a Drink on Me
Genevieve Chadwick
Back in Blue (A Blues Tribute to Acdc)

Не Саскочу! (Streams of Whiskey)
Tribute to The Pogues

I Got You
CJ Wildheart
Suggested by Kate
California Sun
White Lodge
White Lodge 

Baby Please Don't Go
Preacher Boy
The National Blues

Ezra Furman 
Songs By Others

Him or Me
Bun E. Carlos
Greetings from Bunezuela!
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos and The Regulars!

Steve Conte NYC
International Cover Up

Baby, I Don't Care
Bobby Fuller Four
Eva 7"

Sweet Lady Jane
Rockin' Rod And The Strychnines
RRS 7"

Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Columbia 7"

Surfin' In The Bars
The Sons Of Hercules
Get Hip 7"
Country Roads
Toots and the Maytals
Island 7"

Background Music Tonight:

Miserlou   The Emotionals    Wisconsin Rocks 5

Tall Coll One    The Kingsmen    3
Surfin' And Spying     The Ventures  7"

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #529 - This Machine


Tonight the Subject is Machines!

Here's the Playlist:

Lothar & the Hand People
Presenting...Lothar And The Hand People
Thanks Kramer

Bob Mould
Blue Hearts

Answering Machine
The Replacements
For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986

Back In Time
Graham Parker
Mona Lisa's Sister

Funland at the Beach
Dead Kennedys
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

Machine Gun Kelly
Nancy Sinatra
Start Walkin' 1965-1976
Suggested by Jer

Pinball Machine
Merle Kilgore
Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves, And Other Truck Driver Favorites

Little Punky Hood
The Reducers
Cruise To Nowhere

She's A Rockin' Machine
Archie and the Bunkers
Songs from the Lodge

Horror Metal Moshing Machine
Where Moshers Dwell
Thanks Jake!

Super Sonic Speed Machine
Greetings From The Bonneville Salt Flats

Needles & Pins
Road To Ruin

Fireball Red Legend
Guitar Wolf

Dirt, Fist, Feet
High Tension Wires
Welcome New Machine

Bone Machine
Surfer Rosa

Back When My Hair Was Short
Gunhill Road
Gunhill Road
Thanks Mike!

Sex Machine
Juliana Hatfield

Machine Born To Think
The Bonnevilles
Tape Saturation Overdrive . Live In Belfast

Pinball Song
Bees And Seas: The Best Of Slobberbone

Mean Machine
Juliette Lewis
Future Deep
Suggested by Kate

Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine
The Supremes
Come Spy With Us

Apa State Mental
Apa State Mental

All Cranked Up
His Lordship
All Cranked Up E.P

The Pinheads
The 1.21 Gigawatts Club

Tonight Is Not The Night
Jeremy Porter and The Tucos
Red Vinyl GTG Records 7"

Takin' it to the Streets
Zombi & Friends Vol 1.

Wait'n for You
New Rocket Union
Twin Cities Breakdown

Flip Flop & Fly
Phil Haley & His Comments
Let's Rock

Barenaked Ladies
Detour De Force

The Youngers
Nashville Again

Needles and Pins
I'M Sorry Sir, That Riff's Been Taken

The Wizard
Marc Bolan
The Early Singles 1964-1968 Earmark 7"

This Machine
Mr. F
Dry Wood Music 7"

Flash's Theme A/K/A Flash
Elektra 7"

D Lister
Slow Faction
Longshot Records White 7"

War Machine
Albert Productions 7"

Eyesight to the Blind
Richie Havens
Ode 7"

Talk Talk
The Music Machine
Original Sound 7"
Thanks Boyd

Silver Machine
UA 7"

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Clip on the Show tonight:

George Carlin     Answering Machines
The Sex Machine - Club Spot on Philadelphia radio station

Background Music on the Show tonight:

Fireball     The Tiki Men
Boss Machine     Jan Davis
Green Flippers     Messer Chups
Fireball     The Glitters
When The Saints Go Marching In     The Flippers
Pinball Wizard     Electric Tommy

Next week, I'll be on vacation

In 2 weeks, The subject will be Covers.

In 3 week, the subject will be Favorites (the genres are Punk, Psych, Power Pop and Mod).

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:


Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #528 - Shooting Dirty Pool


Tonight the Subject is Sisters

Here's the Playlist:

Alice Bag
Sister Dynamite
Suggested by Kate

Sister Havana
Urge Overkill

Shooting Dirty Pool
The Replacements
Pleased To Meet Me

Cry Baby
The Bonnie Sisters
Rock N Roll Girls
Thanks to Kramer

My Little Sister's Gotta Motorbike
Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers
Our Own Way of Rockin'

Go Back Go Back To Your Pontiac
Darby Sisters
Surf Bunnies & Hot Rod Honeys

Sister Europe
The Psychedelic Furs
The Psychedelic Furs

Drivin' Sister
Mott The Hoople
Suggested by Boyd

Three Dead Sisters
The Bronx
The Bronx 2

Carl Barat And The Jackals
Harder They Fall

Lil Sister
Hysterical Records Split 7"

Sister Sister
Roxy Blue
Want Some?
Thanks to Jake

Long Gone Sister
New Bomb Turks
Destroy oh Boy!!


Mailed It To Your Sister
The Sports
Don't Throw Stones

Big Star
Third - Sister Lovers

You And Your Sister
Mystery Date
Love Collector

Wayward Girls & Wicked Women
Sister Witch

Shout, Sister, Shout
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Apollo Jump Blues 41-46

Sister Rock

The Death of Magic Thinking
Elvis Costello
The Boy Named If

Black Egg
Feral Coast

Boggo Breakout
The Chats
Get Fucked

Salta Il Ramo (Hop The Twig)
Le Favolose Courettes
Wild Honey Records 7"

2 Much 2 Drink
Geoff Palmer
Standing in the Spotlight

More Kicks
Stardumb 7"

Can It Wait
The Hellacopters
Eyes Of Oblivion

Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother
The Grease Traps
Solid Ground

Sister Saturn
Strand of Oaks
In Heaven

My Sister
The Juliana Hatfield Three
Grey Vinyl Mammoth Records 7"

Hex Dispensers
Clear Vinyl Razorcake Records 7"

Sister Tease
The Screaming Jets
Australian Rooart 7"

Butter Boy
Casablanca 7"

Sister Mary Elephant
Cheech And Chong
Ode Records 7"

Jivin' Sister Fanny
Rolling Stones
Abkco 7"

You And Your Sister
Chris Bell
Omnivore Records 7"

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Clip on the Show tonight:

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde Trailer (1971)

Background Music on the Show tonight:

All from the album Roller Fink from the Surfrajettes release of this year:

Roxy Roller
Salty Sister

Next week, The subject will be Pinball Machines (or any Machines).

In 2 week, the subject will be Covers.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at: