Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lagunitas 2014 Brown Shugga'

It's a Strong Ale on a Saturday, not a Red Wine on a Sunday this week.  Tomorrow is the "Super Bowl" - not so super to me, but i'll be watching and I'll not be posting.  Luckily, I'll be in charge of the beverages at the neighborhood event, so I'll be bringing some of the Brown Sugga' and some of the new Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA - haven't tried that one.  Some wine will be brought as well, leaning to the Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel varietals.

This Brown Shugga' is categorized as an American Strong Ale.  Strong it is, coming in at almost 10 %. Nice head, but a little thin, as the fermentable material is primarily Brown Sugar, not malt.   So the protein structure of the head is weak and does not leave much lacing on the glass.  Not a big deal, but it tells you that this in not your ordinary beer.  According to the Lagunitas legend, this one was a mistake that everyone loved, as they used too much brown sugar in the first batch.  

The taste is amazing - molasses goodness, nice balance of bitter and sweet.  Biscuit is the predominate flavor with just a bit of cinnamon and apple in there too.  Perfect for a cold winter night.

Review at the Concourse ----- > tastes like weed and cookies

Lagunitas Brown Sugga website ----- > dangerously slammable


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #256 - Satellite

Spies, Detectives, Gumshoes, Private Eyes, FBI, CIA - all that tonight on the show with some
Clash, Lovesores, Nancy Sinatra and the Mats, of course.

Here's the Playlist:

No Shit Sherlock
Electric Eel Shock
Sugoi Indeed

Secret Spy Decoder Ring
cowboy junkies
the kennedy suite

The Replacements
Don't Buy Or Sell, It's Crap

I'm So Bored with the U.S.A.
The Clash
The Clash
Suggested by Darren

True Detective
Accident (Aka Accidents)
A Reference Of Female Fronted Punk Rock 1977-89 [disc 1]

Aloha Steve And Danno
Radio Birdman
Radios Appear

Mary Lou
Young Jesse
I'm Ready:The Modern Story 

Bad Detective
There's A Riot Goin' On 

Jeannie Needs A Shooter
Warren Zevon
Stand In The Fire

Calling the Detectives
Occult Detective Club

Black Widow
Them Bruins
God Bless Them Bruins
Suggested by Kate

One Eye Open
Masked Man and the Agents
Super Rare Soul, Vol. 3
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Funky Inferno

Theme From Shaft
Issac Hayes
The Stax Story Compilation

Mickey Jupp

Jimmy Lewis & The Checkers
Yeah, Right

Private Detective
Gene Vincent
Les plus grands noms du Rock

The Silencers
Vikki Carr
Come Spy With Us

The Last of the Secret Agents
Nancy Sinatra
Come Spy With Us

Do The J.A.M.E.S B.O.N.D. !
Bee Dee Kay & The Roller Coaster
Universoul Twister

James Bond Lives Down Our Street
Toy Dolls
The Wonderful World of the Toy Dolls

Spy Of Love
Shabooh Shoobah

I Spy (For The F.B.I.)
John Hiatt
Two Bit Monsters
Suggested by Boyd

Sorry About That
Eriak & The Secret Agents
The Ikon Records Story

Madd, Inc
The Ikon Records Story
Suggested by Noland of The Tanked

Private Eye
The Nips
Bops, Babes, Booze & Bovver

Pool Party
Spy Girl
YEAH​!​! Complete Greatest Hits of All Time Anthology

Criminal Girl
The Protists
blue blue blue!

Hot Lunch
Scion AV Presents - Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP

Mata Hari
Focke-Wulf vs Spitfire EP

The Ex-Gentlemen
The Ex-Gentlemen

Love Chain
Black Wine
Yell Boss

Colour Grey
The Windowsill

Private Idaho
The B-52's
Warner 7"

Surfing And Spying
THE Go-Go's
IRS 7"

Secret Agent Man
Warner 7"

The Big Beat
Secret Affair  
I-Spy Records 7"

Beastie Boys
Capitol 7"

Watching The Detectives
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Columbia 7"

Background Music on the show tonight:

Spy Vs. Spy                                 The Beat Tornados
Spy vs Spy                                   Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks
Spy Party                                     The Saboteurs
Spy School Graduation Theme    Shadowy men from a Shadowy Planet
The James Bond Theme              Johnny & The Hurricanes
Secret Agent Man                         Al Caiola
The Black Widow                          Roy Loney and The Phantom Movers
A Shot In the Dark                        The Scofflaws

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Next week,  the subject will be Depressing Songs that make you want to hear them again and again!

In 2 Weeks, Traveling is the subject.

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2012 Runquist "Z" Zinfandel

Ahh yesssss  - a Zinfandel that just exudes juiciness.  Opened up a Christmas gift from a friend and I have to say that if you have friends that give you a nice wine, keep them close!

The wine is from a small producer in Amador county - Jeff Runquist Wines.  He names the wine by one letter  - "Z".  Nice and simple.  He sources the grapes from centuries old vines and mixes a bit (15%) of local Petite Sirah into the wine.  Now, I have to admit this wine surprised me a bit as many of the old vine zins that I love are big, bold and dark dark dark.  This one is dark, but a bit lighter that what I expected.  Got some great Blackberry and cinnamon in the nose and it's very well balanced on the tongue.  This one should go well with the Salmon (pan fried in Macadamia nut oil) on the menu tonight.  What a great combination, if you haven't tried it - a nice mix of flavors.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #255 - Poke Me In My Cage (Excerpt)

2014 - What do ya think?  Good year for music or bad?  Somewhere in between? Here are some of my picks and some listener's picks to help ya decide.  

Here's the Playlist:

Void You Out
Wasted Years

I Don't Know You Anymore
Bob Mould
Beauty & Ruin

Poke Me In My Cage (excerpt)

Louder Space

The CRY!
Dangerous Game

Outta My Mind
Black Heart Breakers
Black Heart Breakers


This Is a Game
Nick Waterhouse
Suggested by Boyd

Lay Down
The Muffs
Whoop Dee Doo

Shut Up
The Coathangers
Suck My Shirt

New Kid
Ex Hex

She Was Sweet on Me
The Peckham Cowboys
10 Tales from the Gin Palace
Suggested by Kate

Telescope House
Delta Riggs
Dipz Zebasios
Suggested by Jake

Mariachi El Bronx
Mariachi El Bronx (III)

Rock n' RollerCoaster
The DeRellas
Slam Bam

Collision Course
Honor Is All We Know

Codename: Toad
Minnesota Snow EP

Rocket Roll
King Kool
King Kool

Eyes of the Muse
King Tuff
Black Moon Spell

They're the Oakland A's
The Baseball Project
Vol. 3
Suggested by john

New York Sweater
The Windowsill

The Bonnevilles
Tape Saturation Overdrive . Live In Belfast

Sweet Candy
Rock Or Bust

No Reason
Black Wine
Yell Boss

Ramma Lamma
Ramma Lamma

Radio Heartthrob
Sugar Stems
Only Come Out At Night
Suggested by Noland

We're Still Here
Street Dogs
Street Dogs/Noi!se Split

Hooked On A Feeling
Blue Swede
EMI 7"

Aching For More
Ryan Adams

Shannon and the Clams
Suicide Squeeze 7"

Ty Segall
Drag City 7"

J D McPherson
Rounder 7"

Violent Shiver
Benjamin Booker
ATO 7"

Don't Talk To My Baby
The Connection
King Yum 7"

One Eyed Scorpion
Grazer 7"

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In 2 Weeks, Depressing Songs that make you want to hear them again and again!

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Samuel Smith Winter Welcome

A fine Winter Day - Perfect for some Winter Welcome.  No - not just any winter welcome, I've poured a Samuel Smith Winter Welcome this afternoon.  This beer is brewed at the Samuel Smith Brewery in Tadcaster England.  They have been brewing beer there since 1758.  I dug up my history book and it appears that the brewery has been around longer than that county called the USA.  Interesting - maybe they know a thing or two about brewing beer.

This one pours a clear copper with a wonderful 2 finger head. Diving into the glass is like sticking your nose into some fresh baked bread.   Love the yeast notes of bananas and the Fuggle and Golding hop character that gives the beer a nice crisp and dry finish.  On the tongue that banana and clove taste lingers.  You know this beer does not get the credit it deserves if you read some of the American Craft Brew blogs.  I think it is a case of not understanding the beer and what it represents.  This is not a racy hopbomb of an IPA.  It's a standard ale that delivers the goods!  Simple and straightforward with no cocoa nibs or star fruit in the mix and I for one am happy about it.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #254 - Laugh It Up

I'm Back and I've got some Laughs for you from Def Leppard, The Toy Dolls, Elastica and Mott The Hopple

Here's The Playlist:

(This Has Got To Be A) Joke
The Hypstrz

Laugh It Up (It's All A Big Joke Anyway)
Peter Holsapple
Songs for Slim: Rockin Here Tonight

Goo Goo Dolls
Hold Me Up
Suggested by lotsa folks

When I Laugh
The Glands
The Glands


Last Laugh
Teenage Shutdown Volume 12 - No Tease

Jokers And Clowns
Sonny Vincent and the Bad Reactions
Replica 7"

Ha Ha Ha
Blow'n Chunks
Suggested by Greg of the Rock N Roll Manifesto

Mott The Hoople
The Hoople
Suggested by Dave of Mottey's Garage

Eternally Yours
Laughing Clowns
Law Of Nature
Suggested by Darren

Laugh 'n' a 1/2
Riskin' It All
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

The Killing Joke
This Nightmare
Suggested by El of Cassettes and Chocolate Milk

Laughing All The Way To The Plank
Elle Milano
Acres Of Dead Space Cadets

Laughin' And Clownin'
Sam Cooke
Night Beat

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
Big Mama Thornton
The Original Hound Dog



You Tickle Me Baby
The Royal Jokers
Sin Alley Volume #4

Wobble Wickle
The Rythym Tones
Rockabilly Acetates

The Way She Laughs
Jack Larson
Fraternity 7"

The Joke
Switchblade Justice
Let's Destroy The World Tonight

Let's Joke
Dirty Glass
Paddy Punx Volume III
Suggested by Boyd

Make Me Laugh
State Of Euphoria

Jerkin Around
Henry Phillips
On The Shoulders Of Freaks

I'm That Type Of Guy
LL Cool J
Walking With A Panther
Suggested by Wayne

Sugar Factory
So Cow
The Long Con

Ice Cream 
Ramma Lamma
Ramma Lamma

Almond Grove
Berkeley To Bakersfield

Laughing On The Inside
Chuck Prophet
Night Surfer

Nemesis Are Laughing
Bob Mould
Beauty & Ruin

New Beat
Mariachi El Bronx

Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

Nellie The Elephant
Toy Dolls
UK Volume 7"

Smile Jamaica
Bob Marley
UK Tuff Gong 7"

Jim Backus
Jubilee 7"

Rock Of Ages
Def Leppard
Mercury 7"

A Day In The Life
Clear Capitol 7"
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

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In 2 Weeks, the subject will be Detectives.

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2012 Marchigue Carmenere

A Fine Sunday Afternoon out here in the West.  I've got a bottle of South Amercian red open tonight - specifically a Marchigue Carmenere.  Caremenere is a French varietal that is not grown extensively in France, but has found a home in South America.

Dark ruby red, the wine has a nose of red fruits and spice.  On the tongue it is a bit spicy with some soft tannins and just a bit of residual sugar to round them out.  This should go well with the Tri-Tip on the grill tonight.