Sunday, March 31, 2019

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #419 - Take Out Some Insurance

Take the Podcast and RUN!

Here's the Playlist:

Take Everything
Graham Parker
Steady Nerves

Pato And Roger A Go Talk
English Beat
Special Beat Service

Take Out Some Insurance
Dead Man Shake

Please Don't Take The Baby To The Liquor Store
Reverend Horton Heat
Laughin' And Cryin' With The Reverend Horton Heat 
Thanks for the topic and song Boyd!

I Don't Like Whiskey
The Bonnevilles
Good Suits & Fighting Boots

Take Your Exit and Leave Through the Side Door
Nobody's Watching
Suggested by Kate

Compared To What
Robert Flack
First Take

Take It All Down
The Headboys
The Headboys

Take Me I'm Yours
Cheap Trick
Found All The Parts

Betrayal Takes Two
Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Suggested by Joe

Take It Like A Man
Joe Jackson
Volume 4

Take Me
Rock And Roll Over

Take It Or Leave It
Eric Carmen
Boats Against The Current

Take It Easy, Greasy
Bill Lehman And His Rock-Itts
Bad Boy

Take Me Back 'Ome

Take You Away
Jimi Raine
Take You Away
Suggested by Jake

Natty Take Over
Justin Hinds And The Dominoes
Rockers Soundtrack

Take Me Down To The Hospital
The Replacements
For Sale: Live at Maxwell's

Eye Candy
Natalie Sweet
Oh, By The Way...
Thanks Capt. Tommer!

Dawn Of The Deaf
The Short Fuses
Dawn Of The Deaf

They Say
The Vankeys

The Family Stain
Juliana Hatfield
American Laundromat 7"

Take Me For A Ride
Bloodshot Bill
Come Get Your Love Right Now

Too Late
Th' Losin' Streaks  
"This Band Will Self-Destruct In T-Minus" 

Take A Long Look
Greg Hoy & The Boys
Greg Hoy & The Boys

It's Not Me
The Decibels
Scene, Not Herd

There;s No Crying I Baseball
The Evergreen Standard
Shelterwoood Cut

Opening Day
Vista Blue
Opening Day EP

The Coathangers
The Devil You Know

The Beat  Feat. Ranking Roger
Public Confidential
Suggested by Darren

Take It So Hard
Keith Richards
Virgin 7"
Suggested by Jer

Baby Let Me Take You Home
The Makers
Estrus 7"

Let's Take A Ride
Lonesome Kings
Sweet Little Succubus Red Vinyl Rockin' Raven 7"
Thanks Greg!

Take A Trip
The Shakin' Pyramids
UK Cuba Libre 2 X 7" Set

Take Inventory
The Isley Brothers
T Neck 7"

Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.)
Wreckless Eric
UK Stiff 7"

Take 5
UK Factory 7"

Clips on the Show 

Take The Money and Run Trailer (Woody Allen)
Taken Trailer 
Take Me Out To The Ballgame Trailer (Gene Kelly)
You Can't Take It With You Trailer

Background Music:

The Jehrney     Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet     Take Outs EP
Taking The Day Off     The English Beat
Take It Off     Eddie Angel
Take It Or Leave It    Dick Dale (RIP!)


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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #418 - I Just Don't Give A Damn

It's the one about Giving!

Here's the Playlist:

Roots Radical
...And Out Come the Wolves

Guns on the Roof
The Clash
Give 'Em Enough Rope

I Just Don't Give A Damn
The Replacements
1987-04-25: Cuban Club, Ybor City (Tampa), FL

Please Give Me Something
Cheater Slicks
Skidmarks: A Collection of Oddities, Rarities, and Vintage Spew

Give My Love To Rose
Johnny Cash
The Essential Johnny Cash 1955-1983 
Suggested by Jer

Give Me The Proof
Tower Of Power
Urban Renewal

My Baby Gives It Away
Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane
Rough Mix
Suggested by Boyd

Given The Dog A Bone
Back In Black LP

You Get What You Give
New Radicals
Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too?

Give It Up
John Hiatt
Mystic Pinball

We Give A Rat's Ass
New Bomb Turks

The Bonnevilles
Tape Saturation Overdrive . Live In Belfast


Don't Give It Up Now
The Lyres
New Rose Story - Vol. 1
Suggested by Tom T

Give 'Em The Finger
The Ejected
Back From The Dead!

Don't Give a Damn
High Water
Suggested by Jake 

Got To Give It Up
Thin Lizzy
Black Rose

Give Give Give Me More More More
The Wonder Stuff
The Eight Legged Groove Machine

Don't Give It Up
The Mercy Kills
Happy To Kill You
Suggested by Kate

Give It Up
Talk Talk
The Colour Of Spring

I Can't Give You Anything
Rocket To Russia 

Don't Give a Toss
The Adventures of the Krewmen

Give It To Me Now
Merton Parkas
Face In The Crowd
Suggested by Darren

Something Vicious
Steve Adamyk Band

Kim Lenz
Slowly Speeding

I Feel an Urge Coming On
Nick Waterhouse
Nick Waterhouse

I Never Knew
Teenage Bottlerocket
Stay Rad!

Next Time
Down South Spaghetti Accident

Attack Of The Killer Brainz
Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind

Western Sunset
Bob Mould
Sunshine Rock

Sounds of Gold
Datura 4
Blessed Is The Boogie
Thanks Tony!

What Comes Naturally
Brad Marino
Extra Credit

We Don't Serve Clowns
Paddy's Funeral
We Don't Serve Clowns

Dan Vapid and the Cheats

Give Me You
Lee Dorsey
Flashback 7"

Won't Give It Up
Sue Saad and the Next
Planet 7"

The Gift Givers
Night Birds
Dirtnap Records 7"

Give It Up Smooth
Lather Records 7"

Better Things
The Kinks
UK Arista 7"

Clips on the Show - The Theme is "Never Give Up!

Good Will Hunting Trailer
Don't Give Up The Ship Trailer  (yes that is Jerry Lewis)
Rocky Trailer
Rudy Trailer

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In 2 weeks, I'll be out of the country

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