Monday, September 26, 2011

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #109 - Talent Show (Demo)

"Dear diary, my teen angst bullshit has got a bodycount" - one of my favorite lines from the 1989 black comedy "Heathers". Tonite - the music revolves around the themes of that classic movie. Pills, Love, Suicide, Irony.

Here's the Playlist:

Melody For Lovers
It's Ok to Like Biters

Time Bomb High School

Reigning Sound
Time Bomb High School
Suggested by Noland

Soul Survivor
The Rolling Stones
Exile On Main Street

Talent Show (Studio Demo)
The Replacements
Don't Tell A Soul

The Hangmen
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Kids In America
The Wynona Riders
J.D. Salinger
Ridin' With James Dean
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Up Your Alley

Pretty Suicide
NY Loose
Year Of The Rat

Suicide Blues
Brimstone Howl
Big Deal

Suicide Rock 'n' Roll
Electric Eel
Shock Go Europe!

John Eddie
Who the Hell Is John Eddie?
Suggested by Boyd

Soul Asylum
Hang Time
Suggested by Joe of the Best Table in Hell

Johnny, Are You Queer?
Josie Cotton
Elektra 7"

Pills (Live)
New York Dolls
429 Records 7"
Elvis Costello
Swedish Smash 7"

'A' Bomb In Wardour Street
The Jam
UK Polydor 7"

Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
David Bowie
RCA 7"

Yellow Pills
Boris the Sprinkler
Mutant Pop 7"

Veronica Lake
New Bomb Turks
Epitath 7"

If you would like to download the show in MP3 format - click the link below


Next week,it will be episode #110 - time for some more Cover songs.

In 2 weeks, I'll be heading down to New Zealand for some Kiwi goodness

If you have any suggestions, themes or songs to contribute to my shows, please let me know at

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

The weather is changing and it is time for a hearty brew. Went down to the Pacific Pinball Expo yesterday and stopped at Amoeba on Haight street in San Francisco also. OK - I'm about a C note lighter due to those 2 events, but my flipper fingers are happy and the I'll be able to feed the Juke this week. Drank a couple of these at the show and they went well with the flipping.
I'd heartily recommend these Suds!

Here's some propaganda about the brew:


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ebay Rock 45's (9/23/11)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently along with the corresponding video - so you can judge for yourself if the buyer got a good deal.

XTC Science Friction $290.00

From the Auction:

HOLY GRAIL TIME! Here you have the original issue of the impossibly rare withdrawn debut 7" by XTC from 1977. This was pressed in very few copies. NOTE that this is the rare 7" (not the 12"!). Have a listen below if you don't know this! Two fantastic sides. Comes (as originally sent out to reviewers) with an A4 size "Virgin information" press release sheet and a xeroxed review published in Sounds in September 1977. Very seldom turns up for sale. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!

Wynonie Harris Good Rockin Tonight EP $272.09

From the Auction:

Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris -EP
King #KEP-260 (US pressing, 1954)

Very rare King EP in excellent shape!!
Side 1: good rockin' tonight + bloodshot eyes
Side 2: all she wants to do is rock + good morning judge

Small Faces Here Come The Nice $209.50

From the Auction:

Rare 7" French

Bobby Fuller Note Fade Away $200.00

From the Auction:

not fade away / nervous breakdown
Format: 45
Grade: EX
Category: rockabilly
Notes: rare fantastic 2-sided Texas rocker, absolute beautiful copy! borders NM
sm #15 paper label on B-side. 1 audible click at 35 seconds on NOT FADE AWAY

R.E.M. Radio Free Europe $199.99

From the Auction:

This is an extremely rare R.E.M. single on Hib-Tone records. This was not only the first single released by the band but also the first release by the short-lived Hib-Tone label. Must-have for any REM fan or record collector.

Here's an auction that I wish I had won - 65 punk 45's for $306 - just under $5 each!

Hi, this is a lot of 65 vintage Punk and related 45s from the 70's and early 80's. All are original pressings unless noted. All records grade in at VG++ to NEAR MINT unless noted. All picture sleeves grade in at VG+ to VG++ unless noted (only a few don't have picture sleeves). A few sleeves may have a small piece of clear tape on a corner or seam -- the previous owner was somewhat of a serial taper. That said, it does not interfere with the overall qulaity of the sleeves -- he was very discreet and neat when it came to his taping! All are UK pressings unless noted. This is more stuff from the big Punk / Alternative / 60's collection that I was lucky enough to get awhile back. And like most of the other stuff in the collection, these 45's are GORGEOUS -- the winning bidder will be VERY HAPPY. Here's the list: 1)WILLIE ALEXANDER - Kerouac- Bomp (US) 2)ANGELIC UPSTARTS - England - EMI 3)ANGELIC UPSTARTS - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - WB 4)ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Out Of Control - WB 5)ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - For You - WXYZ 6)ATHLETICO SPIZZ 80 - Central Park - A&M 7)AVANT GARDENER - 4 Song EP - Virgin 8)BOOMTOWN RATS - She's So Modern - Ensign 9)BUZZCOCKS - Spiral SCratch EP - New Hormones (second press w/ Howard Devoto's name mentioned on sleeve front) 10)BUZZCOCKS - Love You More - UA 11)BUZZCOCKS - Harmony In My Head - UA 12)BUZZCOCKS - Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore - UA 13)BUZZCOCKS - Strange Thing - IRS (US) 14)BUZZCOCKS - Running Free - IRS (US) 15)CELIA & THE MUTATIONS - You Better Believe Me - UA 16)CLASH - White Man In Hammersmith Palais - CBS 17)CLASH - Cost of Living EP - CBS 18)CLASH - The Call Up - CBS 19)CLASH - Radio Clash - CBS 20)COMSAT ANGELS - It's History - Polydor 21)DAMNED - Problem Child - Stiff 22)DAMNED - Generals - Bronze 23)DEAD KENNEDYS - Halloween - Alternative Tentacles (US) 24)DEVO - Jocko Homo - Booji Boy (US) 25)DEVO - Satisfaction - Booji Boy / Stiff (no pic sleeve) 26)DOOTZ - A.C.N.E. (I've Got Acne) - Sky (US, I think) 27)DOWNLINERS SECT - Show Biz - Raw 28)EATER - Get Your Yo Yo's Out - The Label (white vinyl) 29)EDDIE & THE HOT RODS - Live At The Marquee EP - Island 30)FLIPPER - The Old Lady That Swallowed The Fly - Subterranean (US - green vinyl) 31)FLYS - Waikiki Beach Refugees - EMI 32)GENERATION X- Valley of the Dolls - Chrysalis (clear vinyl) 33)GUN CLUB - Fire Of Love - Animal 34)GUN CLUB - Death Party - Animal 35)RICHARD HELL / NEON BOYS - 4 Song EP - Shake (US - Voidoids on one side, Neon Boys on the other - not sure when this came out) 36)RICHARD HELL - Kid With The Replaceable Head - Radar 37)JOY DIVISION - BBC-1 - Something Else ("Transmission" and "She's Lost Control", live from the BBC TV show "Something Else") 38)MODERN EON - Euthenics -Dindisc 39)MX-80 SOUND - O Type - Ralph (US) 40)999 - I'm Alive - Labritain 41)999 - Nasty Nasty - UA (no pic sleeve) 42)PENETRATION - Danger Signs - Virgin 43)PENETRATION - Life's A Gamble - Virgin 44)PORK DUKES - Filthy Nasty EP - Damaged Goods 45)PUBLIC IMAGE - Memories - Virgin 46)PUBLIC IMAGE - Flowers of Romance - Virgin 47)RADIO ACTORS - Nuclear Waste - Charly 48)RESIDENTS - Duck Stab - Ralph (US) 49)RUTS - Jah War - Virgin 50)RUTS - Something That I Said - Virgin 51)SHAM 69 - Tell The Children - Polydor 52)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Mittageisen - Polydor (GERMAN) 53)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - The Staircase Mystery - Polydor 54)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Cities In Dust - Polydor (with poster sleeve - poster has some pin-holes, minor taping) 55)SLICKEE BOYS - Here To Stay - Dacoit (US) 56)SPACE NEGROS - Maximum Contrast - Sounds Interesting (US -- sleeve is VG) 57)SPACE NEGROS - Have A Lovely Xmas - Jingle Jungle (US) 58)SUBTERRANEANS - My Flamingo - Demon 59)UK SUBS - Countdown - NEMS 60)ULTRAVOX - Young Savage - Island 61)ULTRAVOX - Slow Motion - Island (double 45) 62)ULTRAVOX - Live Retro - Island 63)VENUS & THE RAZORBLADES - Punk-A-Rama - Bomp (US - no pic sleeve) 64)WANKTONES - EP - Fountain Of Youth (US - pink vinyl - Punkabilly) 65)WAYNE COUNTY - Blatantly Offensive EP - Safari (brown vinyl - sleeve VG, record VG+).

Monday, September 19, 2011

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #108 - Hangin' Downtown (Live)

Pinball - one of my favorite pastimes. From the looks of the photo above, the Ramones spent some time flipping the Silverball too. Tonite - it's the second Pinball show - 21 slices of pinball inspired goodness.

Here's the Playlist:

I'm Free
The Smithereens

Play My Game
The Donnas
The Donnas Turn 21

Silver Ball
Radio Reelers
Hot Pinball Rock Vol. 2
The last RRWOAS Pinball show - #53!

Pinball Boogie
Deke Dickerson
In 3-Dimensions!
Suggested by Noland

Tommy Can You Hear Me?
The Who
Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition)

Pinball City
Hot Pinball Rock Volume One
Suggested by Boyd

Horray For Flipping
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Hangin' Downtown (Live)
First Avenue (January 30th, 1981)
Sent by Scott of the Ledge

Tilt City
The Hellacopters
Cream Of The Crap! vol.1
Lucky Ju-Ju article on the Hellacopters pinball

Pin Ball Fever
Jack Toombs
Wild Wood Rockabilly

Flip Flop & Fly
Johnny Bell
That'll Flat Git It Vol 2

Fathom (The Mermaid Song)
Josh Sarro
Tuesday Tunes #45 / 52
Laughing Otter on Pinball Songs

I'm Flipped Out Over You
The Victims
Tales From The Australian Underground - Singles 1976-1989

Pin Ball Paul
Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller Orchestra

Walls Of Jericho

Pinball Junkies
The Statics
Estrus 10"

International House of JuJu
Dead Judy 7"

Cave Ball
Kent 3
Extra Ball 7"

Pinball Machine
Lonnie Irving
Starday 7"

Creation 7"

Pinball Wizard
The Who
German Polydor 7"

If you would like to download the show in MP3 format - click the link below


Next week, the subject will be the movie Heathers - songs about Bombs, James Dean and Drano? Hmmm.....

In 2 weeks, it will be episode #110 - time for some more Cover songs.

If you have any suggestions, themes or songs to contribute to my shows, please let me know at

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2008 MAN Vintners Pinotage

Picked up this Pinotage over at my local World Market for $6.99. I guess ya get what you pay for. Not the best wine that I have ever tasted, but the first Pinotage. Don't worry, I'll try another Pinotage as I need to find out more about the South American grape. It looks like the 2009 vintage is available also, so maybe that one is a bit fresher.

Here's some propganda about the wine and Pinotage in general:

Played a bunch of Pinball in the gameroom this last weekend - getting my flipper fingers ready for the:

Over 400 games set on freeplay, good friends, seminars and tournaments - all packed into the Marin Civic center this coming weekend - I can't wait!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ebay Rock 45's (9/16/11)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently along with the corresponding video - so you can judge for yourself if the buyer got a good deal.

The Gentlemen of Horror Rich Kids $860.00

From the Auction : Up For Auction is: Gentlemen Of Horror-Sterling Death 7" Original 1st Press

Label: Self Produced

Year: 1981

Condition: Vinyl// NM This record has only been played a few times shows almost no wear at all!!!

Sleeve// NM Looks Perfect and all there including the hand written on inner sleeve that maches up with the writing on the labels on the vinyl.

Record Info:Fast stop & go punk rock by some teens in Vancouver. Great and powerful music with lots of energy!!Killer canadian punk gemm in the best condition youll ever find this original record also with the sh*t rare Sterling Death cover this is one of the best looking copies of this 7" I have seen yet!!! Dont miss out youll never find a copy this clean!!!

The Sons of Adam Feathered Fish $461.00








After relocating to Los Angeles and taking the ubiquitous Kim Fowley's advice to change their name to The Sons of Adam, the band proceeded to record three singles in 1966. The first two on Decca Records and the last, their masterpiece, on ALAMO Records. The ALAMO single's A side features "FEATHERED FISH", penned by the notorious Arthur Lee of Love. The flip side is the totally awesome and intense "BABY SHOW THE WORLD".


The Raiders Hocus Pocus $382.55

From the Auction :





Johnny Cash Hey Porter $177.50

From the Auction:


The Who Pinball Wizard $99.99

From the Auction:

THE WHO very rare 1992 45 France P/S PINBALL WIZARD / last copy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cover ex- because of light ringwear and mosly because cut corner down right , down corner left slightly pushed vinyl m- new/unplayed

Monday, September 12, 2011

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #107 - Something To Du

1981 - MTV, Night Flight, The Delorean, Raiders of The Lost Arc, The PC, The Ramones, Elvis Costello and The Meteors - what a great year. Got the RRWOAS Time Machine coordinates set for 30 years ago!

Here's the Playlist:

Tell The Pilgrims It's a Potluck

Bite Your Lip
Flamin' Oh's

Somethin To Du
The Replacements
Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash!

Pack It Up
Pretenders II

That's When I Reach For My Revolver
Mission Of Burma
DIY: Mass. Ave. - The Boston Scene (1975-83)

Swords Of A Thousand Men
Tenpole Tudor
Eddie Old Bob Dick And Gary

Rockabilly Psychosis
The Meteors
In Heaven

Nothing's Gonna Happen
Tall Dwarfs
It's Bigger Than Both Of Us 2

KKK took My Baby Away
Pleasant Dreams
Chicago Tribune article - Cooking with Wine

Gun Control
Ian Hunter
Shades of Ian Hunter
Suggested by Boyd

George Carlin
Have A Nice Day
A Place For My Stuff!

Inject The Venom
For Those About To Rock We Salute You
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

She's Like Heroin To Me
Gun Club
Fire Of Love
Suggested by John

Black Cross
45 Grave
Goldar 7"
Pay No More Than Blog

Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
Thin Lizzy
Warner 7"

White Girl
Slash 7"

Six Pack
Black Flag
SST 7"
Suggested by Lee

The Girl Most Likely
Greg Kihn Band
Beserkley 7"

What's He Got
The Producers
Portrait 7"

Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth
Warner 7"

Our Lips Are Sealed
The Go-Go's
IRS 7"
Suggested by Noland

Knock Me a Kiss
Joe Jackson
A&M 7"

From A Whisper To A Scream
Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Fbeat UK 7"

A Million Miles Away
The Plimsouls
Shaky City 7"

If you would like to download the show in MP3 format - click the link below


Next week, the subject will be Pinball.

In 2 weeks, I'll be exploring the music of that great black comedy, 1989's Heathers.

If you have any suggestions, themes or songs to contribute to my shows, please let me know at

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

2010 Picton Bay Pinot Noir

It's a sunny afternoon here at the Pinhead compound. Got some football on the TV, a London Broil on the grill and some New Zealand Pinot Noir open.

Tonights wine is a Picton Bay Pinot Noir from the Marlborough region. Here is a great review of the 2008 vintage - Las Vegas Review.

The 2010 vintage is still great - easy drinking goodness and I put a bit of the wine in the marinade for the steak, can't wait to cut into it.


Ebay Rock 45's (9/9/11)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently along with the corresponding video - so you can judge for yourself if the buyer got a good deal.

The Who I'm A Boy $823.00

From The Auction:

Rare Original 1966 French PROMO 45rpm Single

I'm A Boy
In The City

Polydor International 421 051 PPN 2653

AC/DC Let There Be Rock $500.00

From the Auction:

This is extremely rare single from ex Yugoslavia, released in 1977.
Has original `Suzy` picture sleeve. That`s original (only one) press.
Paper cover is excellent, has lower seam split of 1.5 cm. Vinyl is
very good + (graded visually), has a few surface lines.

The Hollywood Squares Hillside Strangler $495.88

From the Auction:

THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES ~ Hillside Strangler (SQ 001-AS) / Hollywood Square (SQ001-BS) ~ Original 45 rpm 7-inch vinyl, with original printed paper sleeve. 7-inch record is CLEAN and has glossy shine on both sides and visually appears to be in overall EXCELLENT used or possibly UNUSED condition with minimal light surface marks (if ANY - it honestly looks like it's never been played or maybe played once!), and any visual surface marks or fingerprints should NOT affect sound quality (we're always overcritical with visual descriptions) ... although we don't have record player to "test", WE WILL GUARANTEE IT! Paper sleeve only has "HILLSIDE STRANGLER! the Hollywood Squares" printed on one side, and is overall VG+ condition (NO SEAM SPLITS), but with some edge wear creases or crinkles, as pictured.

The 13th Floor Elevators I've Got Levitation $442.00

From the Auction:

For Sale is one (1) The Thirteenth Floor Elevators 45rpm record "I've Got Levitation" b/w "Before You Accuse Me". International Artists Records 113, issued 1968, Houston, Texas. Produced by: Lelan Rogers. Members: Roky Erickson, Tommy Hall, Stacy Sutherland, John Ike Walton, Benny Thurman. Record and labels are beautiful, very clean, vinyl retains its original luster, light cosmetic ghosting, light warp - does not affect the play, and graded VG++ / NEAR MINT MINUS condition. An excellent play. Visually graded under very bright lighting and magnification. Foreign please email me for multiple item Shipping costs (i.e. Insurance, Registered, Tracking Number, etc.).

The Gods Hey Bulldog $370.45

From the Auction:

ULTRA RARE uniquely picture sleeved Denmark release of this INCREDIBLE psych / freakbeat double-sider!!! Totally demented fuzz drenched mayhem from 1969 on both sides with freakouts etc. Has been comped on "Great British Psychedelic Trip". This is HEAVY STUFF and definitely listen to this if you don't know it. The Gods was a UK group and three of its members: Ken Hensley, Lee Kerslake and Paul Newton later formed Uriah Heep. Another member John Glascock later joined Jethro Tull.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #106 - Unsatisfied (Live)

It's time to catch the red eye to London. On the tour tonight, we will be stopping off at Soho, Chelsea and Carnaby street. Be careful with the ale, as you don't want to end up in the London Dungeon.

Here's the Playlist:

Carnaby Street
The Jam
Direction Reaction Creation

London You’re a Lady
The Pogues
Peace and Love
Suggested by Boyd

White Riot
The Clash
The Clash

Inner London Violence
Bad Manners
Dance Craze - Two Tone compilation

Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner
The Business
Under The Influence

London Boys
Johnny Thunders
So Alone
Suggested by Tim Pop of TimPopLive

London Town
The Pretty Things
Get The Picture

The Wine Bars Of Old Hampstead Town
Alexei Sayle

London Girls
Pure Mania
Suggested by Joe of the Best Table in Hell

London Breeze
Art School
3 Close Mates
Suggested by El of Cassettes and Chocolate Milk

London Rocker
Screaming Lord Sutch
Meteors Meet Screamin Lord Sutch
Suggested by Noland

Fountains Of Wayne
Out-Of-State Plates

London Dungeon
The Misfits
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

One Hundred Punks
Generation X
Generation X
Perfect Sound Forever - the Replacements at the Mean Fiddler - London, 6/1/86

Unsatisfied (Live)
The Replacements
Simply Unacceptable

Waterloo Sunset
Ray Davies and Damon Albarm
This Is Where I Belong (The Songs Of Ray Davies & The Kinks)
Quarles Harrris Ruby Port

(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
Elvis Costello
UK Warner 7"

The Flys

London Lady
The Stranglers
UK United Artists 7"

The Roadette Song
UK Lucky 7"
My review of the single from last January

Ruby Soho
Epitath 7"

London Calling
The Clash
UK Columbia 7"

If you would like to download the show in MP3 format - click the link below


Next week, the Red Red Wine On A Sunday Time Machine will be unwrapped and the coordinates set for 1981.

In 2 weeks, the subject will be Pinball.

If you have any suggestions, themes or songs to contribute to my shows, please let me know at

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quarles Harris Ruby Port

The newest Tommy Stinson album is playin' and I've got a bottle of Port open, some roasted walnuts and a bar of Scharfen Berger Chocolate - it is gonna be a good night.

The Port is a Quarles Harris Ruby Port, a nice smooth young Port - no it's not a $30 vintage dated Port, but it is going down nice and smooth - no complaints.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ebay Rock 45's (9/2/11)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently along with the corresponding video - so you can judge for yourself if the buyer got a good deal.

The Readymen Shortin" Bread $687.00

From the Auction:

Excellent condition, guaranteed original 1964 Minnesota Private-Pressing Surf/Punk Rock 45 by THE READYMEN entitled "Shortnin' Bread"/"Surfer Blues" on Bangar Records (#00655). Incredible vocals coupled with insane guitar! The picture sleeve is unbelievably Rare as well!! This comes straight out of a band members closet (never played except once by me to record the sound clip!)

Chuck Berry Sweet Little 16 EP $425.00

From the Auction:

Chuck Berry on Chess 45 rpm EP 5121. As choice a copy as you will ever find, both cover and record are "Near Mint".

Bunker Hill The Girl Can't Dance $224.50

From the Auction:

AMAZING over the top absolute ROCKER. One of thee best without a doubt. From the moment you drop the needle this song jumps out and grabs you by the eardrum. Bunker Hill sounds like he ripped out his esophagus while belting this one out. Link Wray & The Wray Men offer the CRUSHING unstoppable beat. Everything about this song is BERSERK.

On The Scene EP $212.50

From the Auction:

On The Scene

A1: ANIMALS - Baby Let Me Take You Home
A2: YARDBIRDS - I Wish You Would
A3: CHEYNES - Respectable
B2: CHEROKEES - Seven Daffodils
B3: DOWNLINERS SECT - Baby What's Wrong

HOLY GRAIL!!! Here you have this legendary UK EP from 1964 in absolutely jawdropping condition! Features early scorchers from Downliners Sect and Yardbirds (I've put those first in the soundclip below) as well as several other fantastic mod dancers. Have a listen below! I have never seen a copy of this EP in better condition than the one up for grabs here. It is in amazing condition! Nice flipback sleeve with laminated front.

The Germs Forming $202.50

From the Auction:

THE GERMS First Record FORMING B/W The Germs Live 7"45 Record