Sunday, June 14, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #273 - Misty Mountain Hop

Mountains, Hills, Peaks - scaling them all tonight with The Mats, Bad Brains, Screamin' Jay and the Kinks as accompaniment. 

Here's the Playlist:

River Deep Mountain High
The Saints
(I'm Stranded)

The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
HÜsker DÜ
New Day Rising
Suggested by Joe of the Best Table in Hell

Misty Mountain Hop
The Replacements
The Shit Hits the Fans

I Walk The Hill
Big Country
The Seer

Walkin' With A Mountain
Mott The Hoople
Mad Shadows

Fairmount Hill
Dropkick Murphys
The Meanest Of Times

Mountain Dew
The Pogues
If I Should Fall From Grace With God - Remastered & Expanded

Mountain Woman
The Kinks
Muswell Hillbillies [Deluxe Edition]

Hillside Strangler
The Hollywood Squares
Punk 45: Kill the Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young - Underground Punk in the United States of America, vol. 1

King of the Mountain
Snake Ep
Suggested by Darren

White Cliffs Of Dover
The Robins
Dangerous Doo Wop

Oh Oh Mojo
Talkin' Trash ! Lookey Dookey - 78 minutes Of Non-Stop R'n'B Romp'n'Stomp 1956 - 1964

Cabin Jam
Division of Laura Lee

Cabin Fever
Joey Ramone
Ya Know

Natty Dreadlocks ‘pon the Mountain Top
Bad Brains
Build A Nation

Flux Of Pink Indians
Neu Smell
Neu Smell

Goddamn the Miles
Ghost Town Deputies
Widow's Peak
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Lo-Fi Tennessee Mountain Angel
Faithless Street

Grand Duchy
Petits Fours

The Presidents Of The United States Of America
The Presidents Of The United States Of America II
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Volcano Girls
Veruca Salt
Eight Arms to Hold You

The Slackers
The Question
Suggested by Boyd

KissThe Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
Listen Like Thieves

Mountain Jive
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Real Life
Suggested by Noland of the Tanked

Under the Mountain
The BellRays
Grand Fury

Bottled Regrets
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Above the Sweet Tea Line

Judas Kiss (Live)
Scott Kempner
Live On Blueberry Hill

Dazed By You
Wild Nights


Mountain Song
Jane's Addiction
Warner 7"
Suggested by Kate

The Girl Can't Dance
Bunker Hill
Norton 7"

Blueberry Hill
Fats Domino
Imperial 7"

One Tin Soldier
MGM 7"

Mountain High, Valley Low
Eartha Kitt

Background songs tonight:

Bikini Sunset       Volcanos
Downhill              Mysterions
Salt Box Hill        Wild Bob Bugos & His Band

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I'll be back on July 5th with the Best of 2015, So Far.

The week after, Nighttime is the subject.

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Deschutes Brewing Foray Belgian IPA

Greetings on this warm Friday afternoon.  Hope you are doing well and keeping cool.  I've retreated to the cool dark depths of the Pinhead Studios to play some pinball and crack open a cold one.  Today I have a 22 ounce bomber open of Deschutes Brewing Foray Belgian IPA.  I was recently up in Portland and grabbed a great "can" glass that Powell's books was selling and thought the Deschutes would fit perfectly in the glass as one of the brewery's pubs is just a few blocks away.

This beer pours a very pale yellow with a nice white frothy head.  Smells of pears and bananas and a bit of citrus.  On the tongue - first with the bitterness of the 60 IBU, then some more Belgian yeast notes and a cascade of citrus from the Galaxy and Mosaic hops.  The finish is a nice crackery malt goodness from the Pilsner malts.  Great beer if you can find it in your neck of the woods,  It is a seasonal only offered in Summer.

If you have never been to the main Powell's bookstore in downtown Portland, you need to get there.  Music books, Science Fiction, a wonderful coffee shop and the best staff around.  I was able to pick up a hardcover of "High Fidelity" by Nick Hornby for a tenner.  Much needed, as the paperback copy I have is in tatters from multiple readings.  Now I can circle and outline some of my favorite quotes in the hardback!


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #272 - Maybelline (Live at the Masonic)

It's a Berry-licious show tonight, saluting Chuck Berry - the true King of Rock & Roll.

Here's the Playlist:

Hey Chuck Berry
Southern Culture on the Skids
Talking About You
Destroy That Boy! 
The Replacements
2015-04-13: Masonic Auditorium,San Francisco, CA 

John Cale
I.R.S. Greatest Hits Vols. 2 & 3
Honaloochie Boogie
Mott The Hoople
Suggested by Kate
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter
Suggested by Boyd
Jaguar And Thunderbird
From Nowhere
Don't Lie to Me
The Groovie Ghoulies
Berry'd Alive
You Never Can Tell
Chuck Berry
Pulp Fiction

The Promised Land
Dave Edmunds
Take Me to the Bank
The Brooklyn Side 
Suggested by Tom T
Let It Rock
Stray Cats
Original Cool
No Particular Place To Go
Guana Batz
Loan Sharks
Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Buddy Holly
Bye Bye Johnny
Mud Rock
Beautiful Delilah
The Count Bishops
Chuck Berry Holiday
Love Visions
You Can't Catch Me
Chuck Berry
Chess 7"
Johnny B. Goode
Marty Mcfly With The Starlighters
Back To The Future Soundtrack

Too Much Monkey Business(Unreleased Alternate Take)
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Maybelline (Live)
The 101ers
Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited
Suggested by Darren

I'll Have Another
Ginger Wildheart
G·A·S·S· Month 12

Labor Of Love
The Connection
Labor Of Love
Trouble in Paradise
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Above The Sweet Tea Line
Dot Dash
Earthquakes & Tidal Waves
Elephant Stomp
Left Lane Cruiser
Dirty Spliff Blues

Witch House
Creeping Ivies
Witch house
Stepping Stones
Pneumatic Drill 7"

Stuck In the 902
Stuck In the 902

Danko Jones
Fire Music

Keep A Knockin'
Little Richard
Specialty 7"
Chuck Berry
Eric 7"

Roll Over Beethoven
Blue Marble Sundazed 7"
Keith Richards
Jukeboxes Only! Vigin 7"
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Sweet Little Sixteen
Chuck Berry
Chess 7"

Surfin' USA
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Warner 7"

Berry Rides Again
Dunhill 7"

Break music courtesy of Chuck Berry:

Mad Lad

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Next Week, The subject will be Mountains.

In 2 weeks, a much needed vacation in those Mountains will be taken.

I'll be back on July 5th with the Best of 2015, So Far.

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2012 Berryessa Gap Zinfandel

It's a Red Wine Sunday with one of my favorite Zinfandels.  The Berryessa Gap winery has been producing a very consistently good Zinfandel for the last 5 years.  Tried there 2006 vintage back in 2009 and loved it.  I've never looked back from then on, buying at least one or two bottles each vintage - excellent small winery.

Dark rich purplish red in the glass with a wonderful nose, full of that Zinfandel perfume.  On the tongue brambly blackberry with some nice tartness.  Smooth on the back of the tongur with a bit of warming goodness.  Should go well with the grilled Salmon and mango salsa on the menu tonight.


Berryessa Gap Winery ----->  beautiful region