Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Redox # 287 - Popular Creeps

 Originally Published 10/25/15

The Cramps, Frankenstein, Psychobilly, Dracula, The Creature - hey it must by Halloween!

Here's the setlist:

I Was A Teenage Werewolf
The Cramps
Ghoul-Arama (Scar Stuff, 2001)
The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
The Dead Milkmen
The Enigma Variations 2
Popular Creeps
Chris Mars
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
The Bobby Fuller Four
KRLA King Of The Wheels
Cry Wolf
Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars
Follow Me
Dracula's Deuce
The Ghouls
Dracula's Deuce
Coolest Little Monster
Electric Frankenstein
It's All Moving Faster 7"

Teenage Frankenstein
Alice Cooper 
Prince Of Darkness

Frankenstein Returns, Pt. 2
Buchanan & Goodman
Monster Rock And Roll Show

Blood of Frankenstein
Famous Monsters
Around the World in 80 Bikinis!
The Creature
Rusty & The Dragstrip Trio
Playing For You

Phantom Of The Opera
The Meteors
Wreckin' Crew
The Vampire
Archie King
The Madness Invasion Vol. 1 VA
Rockabilly Vampire
Ralph Rebel
Rockabilly Showdown Vol. 1
Lonely Wolf
Brian Setzer
Rockabilly Riot Vol.1: A Tribute To Sun Records
No Club Lone Wolf
Big Beat from Badsville

The Mummy
The Slackers
The Question
Suggested by Boyd

I Wanna Dig Up Bela Lugosi  
The 3-D Invisibles
Spooky, Swingin' Sounds of Kreepsville Manor - Vol.I

Hunchback Of Torriano
The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
The Invisible Man
The Maharajas
A Third Opinion
The Invisible Man
Generation X
Generation X
Werewolf Boogie

The Wolf
Life Won't Wait
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
The Damned
The Black Album
Suggested by Darren

Creep In The Cellar
Butthole Surfers
Rembrandt Pussyhorse
Meet Frankenstein
Redd Kross
Researching The Blues

Richard Pryor
Richard Pryor
Frankenstein Walk
Gene "Bowlegs" Miller
Legacy Of Gene "Bowlegs" Miller

The Bog
Shannon And The Clams
Gone by the Dawn
Getting Surreal
The Fratellis
Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied
Back From The Dead
Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Two
Watch Your Skull
Suggested by Kate

Choppin' Heads
The Sangomas
Giddyup & Destroy
Suggested by Tommer of Tommy Unit Live
Full Moon in the Daylight Sky
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages
Under the Savage Sky
King Kong
Night Birds
Mutiny At Muscle Beach
Big Bad Bogeyman
The Shrieks
Get Over Here
The Creatures
Astro Zombies
Frogs Legs

Howling At The Moon 
UK Begggars Banquet 7"
Werewolf From Outer Space
The Neanderthals
Spinout 7"

The Creature From The Black Lagoon
Dave Edmunds
Swan Song 7"

Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon
UK Enigma 7"

Egyptian Mummies
Bram Tchaikovsky
UK Arista 7"

Background Music tonight:

Jonathan Winters Frankenstein      Man or Astroman?
Night Of The Werewolf                   Lee Kristofferson
No Werewolf                                   The Frantics 
Werewolf                                         The Frantics

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #508 - Stain Yer Blood


It's the Red Red Blood On A Sunday Show!

Here's the Playlist:

Lemuria Rising
Murder City Devils
In Name And Blood

Blood On Wheels

Stain Yer Blood
Paul Westerberg
Besterberg: The Best Of Paul Westerberg

Blood Red
The Hangmen
Thanks Jake!!!

Yellowman & Sister Nancy
Rhythm Come Forward

Demon Garage
All Punk Rods! (A Devils Dozen Of Deluxe Drag Punk!)

Shady Grove
Blood Oranges
Corn River
Kudos to Jer

My Son, the Vampire
Allan Sherman
Haunted Hits
Suggested by Kramer

James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party
The Blood of Keith Richards
Gold Plated Trash

Boil Yer Blood
Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind
§uper Natural
Thanks Kate

Romeo Is Bleeding
Tom Waits
Blue Valentine 
Kudos to Chris

Fresh Flesh
The Record

Red Blood (Version 1)
Shakedown! Original Brisbane Punk 1978-83

Devil Woman
Marty Robbins
Devil Woman

The Pixies
Trompe Le Monde

October Blood
The Lawrence Arms
Thanks Boyd!

My Mummy
Mel Calvin And The Kokonuts
Rock-A-Billy 1958

Night of the Living Dead
The Krewmen
The Adventures of the Krewmen

Haunted Horror Howl
Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys
Spotify Single

My Period Is Late
Cover your Ears
Cheers to Darren - welcome back!!!!!

Juliana Hatfield

Broken Book
Darryl Blood
Broken Book

Pickin' in the Graveyard
The Royal Hounds
A Whole Lot of Nothin'

Devil’s Radio
The Velveteers
Nightmare Daydream

10th Planet  
Man...or Astro-Man?
Space 1991 EP

Totally Evil Powers
Came Down Different

Voodoo, Sex and Vampires
John Diva & the Rockets of Love
American Amadeus

Personality X-Ray
Hex Dispensers
Clear Vinyl Razorcake 7"

Idol With The Golden Head
Atlantic 7"

Devil's Haircut
UK Geffen 7"

Sleepy Hollow
Roy Orbison
Monument 7"

Pink vinyl Good Forks Records 7"

The Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor
Joe South
NRC 7"

Voodoo Man
Kay Starr
RCA 7"

Voodoo Cadillac
Southern Culture On The Skids
Geffen 7"

Bucket O Blood
Big Boy Groves And Band
GME 7"

Blood from a Stone
Lime Spiders
Australian Virgin 7"

Blue Öyster Cult
Columbia Promo 7"

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Clips on the Show:

Frenzy of Blood Trailer
Bloody Pit of Horror Trailer
Mad Doctor Of Blood Island Trailer

Background Music:

Disney's New, Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House 
Creature Feature    Satan's Pilgrims
Fist Full Of Devils    Earl Slick
Creepy    Dave Del Monte & The Cross Country Boys

Next week, I'll be down in LA, so no show

In 2 weeks, the subject will be Swear Words.

In 3 weeks, it is time for some Cover Songs.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Redox #286 - Otto

 Originally Published 10/11/15

Six Years!  Wow seems like yesterday.  

Here's the Playlist:

Six Pack
Black Flag

410 W. Springfield Ave.
The Van Buren Boys
Six String Love 

The Replacements
Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash!

Slant Six
Joe Strummer
Earthquake Weather
Suggested by Boyd

Six Feet Under
Neurotic Outsiders
Neurotic Outsiders

Six Days On The Road
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Hot Burritos!: Anthology 
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

A Six Pack to Go
Hank Thompson
A Capitol Rockabilly, Pt. 1

Six Gun Senorita
The Soda Pop Kids
Teen Bop Dream

Six Feet Down
The Hextalls
The Hextalls

Six-Fingered Man
Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint
The River In Reverse

Six Legged Man
Black Francis

Midnight to Six Man
The Romantics

Newark Airport Boogie
Electric Six
The Haiti Project
Suggested by Kate

How Many Six Packs Does It Take to Screw in a Light
American Music Club
San Francisco

Six And Seven Books
The Maytals
Ska's The Limit

Tumbling Dice
The Rolling Stones
Exile On Main Street

Six Empty Bottles
The Royal Court Of China
Geared And Primed
Suggested by Wayne

Six Days A Week
The Bronx
The Bronx
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Sniffin' Glue
The Exploding Hearts

Feels Like


Fat Possum 7"

I'm Dead
Jett Screams

Against Me!
Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Suggested by Darren

The Reverend
Eagles of Death Metal
Zipper Down

I Love Michael J. Fox 
Play With Heart

Electric Six!
Electric Six
Bitch, Don't Let Me Die!

The Rings
Paramecium 7"

4 Is Greater Than 2
Nemesis 7"

Chasing The Night
Beggars Banquet 7"

Retard Girl
Hole Sympathy For The Record
Industry 7"

I Took My Baby Home
Red Vinyl Pye UK 7"

Skewiff (Mend The Fuse)
Warner 7"

No Dice
Ronnie Dawson
No Hit 7"

How Much More
The Go-Go's
Stiff 7"

Rock Six Times
Translucent Yellow Capitol 7"

Background Music tonight:

Six Pack         The Revels                             Intoxica!  The Best Of
Bandito           The Pastel Six                        Zen 7"
Diggin' Out      Tommy and the Hustlers        Fantasy 7"
Deep Six         Davie Allen and the Arrows    Loud, Loose & Savage

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