Sunday, December 27, 2009

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #11 Shooting Dirty Pool

Tonight we head over to the East Bay, Shoot some Dirty Pool, get Stuck Between Stations and end up with the Girl with the Far Away Eyes.

East Bay Nights
Let The Dominos Fall

Let's Go

Sound System
Operation Ivy
Operation Ivy

No. 13 Baby

Shooting Dirty Pool
Pleased to Meet Me

Hellbound Glory
Hellbound Glory
Scumbag Country

Face To Face

Vampire Girlfriend
Switchblade Justice

Telephone Girl
Hush Money
Electrified and Buried by the Sound

Desmond Dekker and the Aces
Uni 7"
The Harder They Come (Deluxe Edition)LP

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Capital 7"
White Album

Redness in the West
Lawrence Arms
Fat Wreck Records 7"

Stuck Between Stations
Hold Steady
UK Vagrant 7"
Boys and Girls in America LP

Time Bomb
UK Epitath 7"
Out Comes the Wolves LP

Far Away Eyes
Rolling Stones
Warner Brother 7"
Some Girls LP

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Remember, send me your Pixies related songs (artists that influenced the band, followers of the band, cover songs, or just your favorite Pixies song - don't forget the splinter groups - Frank Black, Breeders, Grand Duchy, etc.) for Red Red Wine on a Sunday #13.

Send your suggestions to
Even better, send me the song you picked and an mp3 of you introducing it!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lars Fredrickson as Santa

There are probably people who look less like Santa Claus than Lars Frederiksen, but they don't come to mind immediately. A guitarist and vocalist for the punk band Rancid, Frederiksen battled through some hardscrabble years growing up near San Jose, then worked his way through rock 'n' roll hell.

"I'm lucky I'm not dead," Frederiksen said. "I struggled with drug and alcohol addictions and I was homeless for a period of time."

So what was he doing handing out free skateboards to teenagers at the new 10th and Mission Family Housing Apartments on Monday afternoon? It begins with a friendship with San Francisco's homeless policy director, Dariush Kayhan, who invited him to attend Project Homeless Connect this month.

"It was emotional," said Frederiksen, who says he was reminded of his mother's struggles as a single parent. "But I was thinking that when people donate toys, it is always the teenagers that get left out. That's when I got Tony Hawk on the phone."

Rancid played for Hawk's wedding - not the reception, the actual wedding - and Hawk helped to donate skateboards for some of the teens in the family shelter.

"You never forget where you came from," Frederiksen said. "I remember eating Raisin Bran for Christmas dinner. But some of these kids have it a lot worse than I ever did."

Here's a link to the story in SFGate - Link

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #10 Black Diamond

Made it to #10 and we are gonna celebrate with our favorite cover songs. Lets' head out to the Castro Theater, drink some Red Red Wine, Spend the Night Together and have Beer for Breakfast.

Beer For Breakfast
The Get-Up Kids

Let's Spend The Night Together
David Bowie
Picked by Timpop

Come Dancing
Give the People What We Want: Songs of the Kinks
Picked by Dave from Mottey's Garage

99 Red Balloons
7 Seconds
Walk Together Rock Together
Picked by Heather from Happyhour with Hellkitten

Voices Carry
Gang Green
Another Wasted Night
Picked by the Guru from Burrito Electrico

Absolutely Sweet Marie
Jason & the Scorchers
Picked by Scott from The Ledge

Red Red Wine
Picked by Jer from The Regulars

Straight Outta Compton
Nina Gordon and Jeff Russo
"coffeehouse" version recorded at L.A.'s Largo
Picked by Tim from Contrast Podcast

My Way
Sex Pistols
Raw and Live
Picked by Dave from From The Burro

What'cha Gonna Do
Daytrotter Session - 8/8/2009
Picked by Ally from The Hell and Gore Show

What a Waster
Adam Green
Duck and Cover
Picked by El from Cassettes and Chocolate Milk

Monster Mash
Boys Club
Picked by Noah from The Boys Club

Leaving Here
Losin Streaks
Sounds of Violence

My Favorite Things
Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies
Life in the Fat Lane : Fat Music, Vol. 4

Black Diamond
Let It Be

Raspberry Beret
Hindu Love Gods
Warner Brothers German 7"
Hindu Love Gods LP

Santa Claus
Thee Headcoatees
Damaged Goods 7"
Sisters Of Suave LP

I Want a Rock and Roll Guitar
Johnny Preston
Mercury 7"
Running Bear LP

Surfer's Christmas List
Decca 7"
Rockin' Little Christmas LP

Real Live Doll
Sundazed 7"
Tube City - The Best of the Trashmen LP

2000 Miles
Sire 7"
Learning To Crawl LP

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

God Save The Queen

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 12/12/2009

1. 45 - Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen" / "No Feeling" A&M AMS-7284 - $10,266.48

2. LP - Can "Monster Movie" Music Factory German Pressing - $6,295.00

3. 45 - Walter Wilson "Love Keeps Me Crying" / "Not Now But Later" Wand - $6,149.00

4. LP - Calvin Johnson "What Was Me" K Records Test Pressing - $3,999.99

5. LP - Derek and the Dominos "Layla" DJ Mono WLP - $3,050.00

What is the story behind a little 7" slab of vinyl selling for 10 thousand dollars you say?

The seller states "What makes this particular copy SO special is that it is one of a limited number that were handed to long-serving A&M executives as a golden handshake when Polygram closed their London A&M office in 1998."

Record collectors are such geeks....

Here's the Sex Pistols original video

And Motorhead's great cover released in 2000

And finally a parody done by Second City TV - yes, that is Martin Short singing lead and John Candy as the drummer.......The band is named the Queenhaters and the song is "I Hate the Bloody Queen"

You can find the top 5 Ebay vinyl sales each week at this site - Counter-Clock Records Blog

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #9 I Hate Music

Boston is the Destination tonight - let's hit a pub with the Dropkick Murphy's on the Jukebox and Pour Another Round of The Slowest Drink at the Saddest Bar on the Snowist Day in the Greatest City.

Here's the Playlist:

Skinhead on the MTBA
Dropkick Murphys
Do Or Die

The Dirty Glass
Dropkick Murphys

Back to Higher Ground

Asleep at the Wheel
Burning Streets
Is it in Black and White
Sailor's Grave Records

Chi-Town PD Blues
Beantown Boozehounds
Pour Another Round

Complete Control
Police State - A Tribute to the Clash

Wait and See
Stiff Little Fingers
The Complete John Peel Sessions

Dirty Old town
Stiff 7"
Rum, Sodomy and the Lash

Barroom Hero
Dropkick Murphys
Flat Records 7"
Do Or Die Lp

Runnin' Riot
Cock Sparrer
Decca 7"
Shock Troops LP

You Don't Have To Belong To The Religious Right
Cute Lepers
1234 Go 7"
Smart Accessories Lp

Slowest Drink at the Saddest Bar on the Snowiest Day in the Greatest City
Lawrence Arms
Fat Wreck Records
Butt Sweat and Tears LP

I Hate Music
Sorry Ma Forgot to Take out the Trash

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Dropkick Murphys performance of The Dirty Glass on Jimmy Kimmel live is above.

Stephanie Dougherty is the guest vocalist on the song.

The original version of the song on the Dropkick Murphy's VS. Face to Face split CD released in 2002 has Kay Hanley from Letters to Cleo as the female foil to Al Barr.

I've read that on the Dropkick Murphy's tour earlier this year Liza Graves from Civet (one of the opening bands) handled the female vocalist parts.

Let's review - Kay Hanley, Stephanie Dougherty, Liza Graves - well the DK's have great taste in .... heartfelt vocal performances.


The Dirty Glass Lyrics

Murphy, Murphy, darling dear
I long for you now night and day
Your pain was my pleasure, your sorrow my joy
I feel now I've lost you to health and good cheer
Darcy, when I met you I was five years too young
A boy beyond his age, or so I'd tell someone
Anyone who'd listen and a few who couldn't care
Still I welcomed you with open arms, my love I did share

full lyrics

more Dropkick Murphys lyrics

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #8 Kiss Me On The Bus

We head over to Another Planet, visit the Cosmos and end up with Starry Eyes. Power Pop / New Wave Goodness awaits.

Here's the Playlist:

Elvis Costello
When I Was Cruel

Radio Radio (Live on SNL)
Elvis Costello

Just About Glad
Elvis Costello
Brutal Youth

Another Girl, Another Planet
The Only Ones
The Only Ones

Lonely Next To You
Shane Champagne
Teenline #102

Left In The Dark
Battle Of The Garages Volume 1

If I Can See You
Gentlemen Jesse and His Men
Gentlemen Jesse and His Men

Boys Club
Unreleased - go Here to listen to more

Pretty Please
The Quick
Quick in Tune with Our Times 7"
DIY: We're Desperate- The L.A. Scene (1976-79) LP

Starry Eyes
Virgin 7"
Smashes, Crashes and Near Misses LP

Television Generation
Kursaal Flyers
CBS 7"
DIY Teenage Kicks UK Pop Volume 1

Big Tears
Elvis Costello
Columbia 7"
Ten Bloody Marys & Ten How's Your Fathers Lp

I Am The Cosmos
Chris Bell
Rhino 7"
I Am The Cosmos LP

Numbers With Wings
Swedish RCA 7"
Numbers With Wings / Beat Hotel LP

Found Out
Title Tracks
Dischord 7"

Kiss Me On The Bus

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Replacements Banned from Saturday Night Live 1986

What a mess
Uploaded by mmr421. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

The video above is from the January 18th, 1986 Saturday Night Live episode.
This is the first Replacements performance of the night. They had just finished up the Tim album and Sire got them a spot on SNL. The host that night was Harry Dean Stanton who had roles in Paris, Texas and Repo Man in the past few years and his performance in Pretty in Pink would be released in a few weeks. The Mats look pretty good in this perfomance, but legend has it they hit the champagne pretty hard before the next performance of the night.

That's where we're riding
Uploaded by mmr421. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Bob is wearing Paul's wife's jumpsuit and the other 3 are wearing each other's clothes. Paul is adlibbing the lyrics and Bob becomes a hero by hitting that last note perfectly at about the 3 minute mark. Just after that the ending segment is shown and you can see the hobbled together cast that SNL had that year (Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller, Randy Quaid, Robert Downey, Jr, Joan Cusack, Anthony Michael Hall and Damnon Wayans) The Mats performance was definately the highlight of that season.

Mined this from a great post on the Calves Maloney website here

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #7 Bastards of Young

We escape Folsom Prison in our Old White Lincoln and learn that Crime Don't Pay.

Here's the Playlist:

Crime Don't Pay
Mike Ness
Cheating At Solitare

Sometimes I Do
Social Distortion
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Try To Get Some Sleep
Pretty Boy Thorsen and the Fallen Angels
Take It Easy

Your Humble Narrator
Two Cow Garage
Speaking In Cursive

Born in '69
Rocket From The Crypt
Scream Dracula Scream

Romeo And The Lonely Girl

So Much For The Afterglow

I Fought The Law
Coral 7"
You Heard It Here First LP

Folsom Prison Blues (Live)
Johnny Cash
Columbia 7"
I Walk The Line LP

Old White Lincoln
The Gaslight Album
Side One Dummy 7"
The '59 Sound LP

Mommy's Little Monster
Social Distortion
Triple X 7"
Mommy's Little Monster LP

Bastards Of Young
Pleased To Meet Me

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cash at Folsom Prison

Found a great article about Johnny Cash's famous Folsom Prison Concert:


An excerpt:

Gene Beley was a 28-year-old reporter with the Ventura Star-Free Press when he and the newspaper's chief photographer, Dan Poush, were invited to accompany Cash to Folsom Prison. Cash was living in the Ventura area at the time.

Beley, now 69 and living in Stockton, returned to the prison a few months ago to participate in a BBC radio documentary marking the 40th anniversary of the concert.

"I took a picture along to give Jim Brown as a gift, and he freaked out," Beley said in a telephone interview, describing Brown's excitement upon learning of the photo collection.

Beley, who also recorded the concert on a reel-to-reel tape recorder for reporting purposes, said he had no idea it would prove to be a historic event.

"At the time," he recalled, "John was really on the skids."

Stories in the hometown paper were more often about Cash's brushes with the law – smuggling pills across the Mexican border or driving his Cadillac at high speeds – than about his musical talent, Beley said.

But a meeting between Poush and the Rev. Floyd Gressett at a New Year's Eve party led to an invitation for the photographer and reporter to accompany Cash to Folsom Prison for the Jan. 13 concert. Gressett, a friend of Cash's who ministered to California inmates, had worked with the prison's recreation director, Lloyd Kelley, to set up the concert.

Beley was with Cash's party in a room at West Sacramento's El Rancho Hotel the night before the concert when Gressett asked Cash to listen to a tape recording by Folsom Prison inmate Glen Sherley.

"John said, 'Has anybody got a tape recorder?' " recalled Beley, "and I raised my hand."

Cash leaned over the tape recorder and wrote down the words to Sherley's composition, "Greystone Chapel," which tells of the solace the inmate found in the chapel at Folsom Prison. Cash performed it the following day, and Poush photographed Sherley listening in the audience.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

RRW on a Sunday #6 Friday Night Is Killing Me

A trip down to the Palms Playhouse, Stones worship and "Good Times", as they say in Michigan....

Here's the Playlist:

Rocks Off
Rolling Stones
Exile On Main Street

Stray Cat Blues
Rolling Stones
Get Yer Ya Ya's Out

Friday Night Is Killing Me
Bash and Pop
Friday Night Is Killing Me

Post St. Blues
Joe Getty and the Dead Flowers
Low Expectations

Crash On Broadway
Unreleased - click here to buy some tunes

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
White Stripes
White Blood Cells

Girl Is On My Mind
Black Keys
Rubber Factory

Good Times
Sam Cooke
RCA 7"
Aint That Good News LP

Little T and A
Rolling Stones
Warner Brothers 7"
Tatoo You Lp

Paint It Black
CD Presents 7"
Avengers LP

Borstal Boys
Oh La La

Click the link below to download the file:

Big Star - When My Baby's Beside Me

Another great post on Derek's Daily 45 about the 7" above:

I have a beat up copy of that 45 that plays great on the Seeburg R Jukebox - they built them right back in '54 with a dampning circuit that smooths out those scratches and pops.

As Derek says, "In The Street" is the B-side, making the 45 a great 2 sider.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

John Peel's Record Box

English DJ John Peel passed away in 2004 and about a year later his private stash of 45's was uncovered and a BBC documentary was made about the box. Here's a clip from it

You can find the complete list over at Wikipedia here: John Peel's Record Box

Sunday, November 15, 2009

RRW on a Sunday #5 Nevermind

Here's the Playlist:

Love Buzz

On A Plain

Pleased To Meet Me

In The Garage
Weezer (Blue Album)

Don't Listen To The Radio
Vision Valley

Rock A My Soul

Sunshine Tonght
Godspeed The Shazam

Sub Pop 7"
Incesticide LP

The Man Who Sold The World
David Bowie
RCA 7"
The Man Who Sold The World LP

Self Esteem
Epitath 7"
Smash LP

Tokyo Pop Stars
Tokyo EP

We reach Nirvana listening to some Burro music, set another ground rule, and get a Love Buzz in the Garage

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Lick This!

Royal Mail to introduce classic British album cover stamps

Stamps are about to get cool when the Royal Mail introduces its classic British album cover stamp range.

Set for launch in early 2010, it's a set of 10 first class stamps designed by Studio Dempsey, covering albums from the 60s to the present day - The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Mike Oldfield, The Clash, New Order, Blur, Primal Scream, Pink Floyd and Coldplay. So something for everyone - even fans of dull, middle of the road, modern-day rock.

How did they decide on these? Apparently by asking music journos and graphic designers. Why they missed The Beatles and opted for Coldplay (or why they opted for Division Bell ahead of at least five other classic Floyd sleeves) isn't clear, but if you can deal with those oversights, you can pick up a set from January 7th 2010.

Originally on Retro To Go

Lovin the London Calling stamp - gotta get me one

Pixies on Conan

The Pixies appeared on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” last Friday to perform the closest thing the band ever had to a pop hit, Doolittle’s “Here Comes Your Man.” Get a load of the sheer size of the Minotaur box set that Conan holds up in the intro!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

RRW On A Sunday #4 Alex Chilton

The podcast continues and makes it's way into some Power Pop Greatness
Here's the Playlist:

Back Of A Car
Big Star
#1 Record /Radio City

Alex Chilton
Pleased To Meet Me

All Kindsa Girls
Real Kids
Real Kids

I Need That Record
Teenline #103

Calling the World

Girls Of My Dreams
Bram Tchaikovsky
Polydor 7"
Diy - Starry Eyes: UK Pop II (1978-79)

Let Me Into Your Life
The Beat
Columbia 7"
The Beat

Feel (Alternate Mix)
Big Star
Rhino 45
Keep an Eye on the Sky Box Set

Gamma Ray (Beck Cover)
Jay Reatard
Geffen 7"

Shattered (You Left me)
Exploding Hearts

Alex Chilton love, 7" vinyl gems and All Kindsa Girls

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Town Hall Party with Eddie Cochran

Love this version - Check out the huge Hadley's Town Hall Party "45" in the background - gottta get me one of those.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

RRW On A Sunday #3 Color Me Impressed

Here's the Playlist:

Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Anthology

Blitzkrieg Bop
DIY Blank Generation - The New York Scene (1975-78)

Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
Never Trust A Hippy

Color Me Impressed

Love and A Molotov Cocktail
The Flys
Waikiki Beach Refugees

Better Luck

Whips and Furs
Pure Mania

Eddie Cochran
London 7"

The Boys
Safari 7"
Boys Only

I Can't Stop
Infirmary Phonographic 7"

Dangerous Game
Plastic Idol 7"

Let Yourself Go
Reigning Sound
Too Much Guitar

Ramones love, some ground rules, we spend the Weekend at Mottey's Garage, have ourselves a Hootenanny and head over to the Triple Rock Brewery

Click the link below to download the MP3

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #3 Color Me Impressed

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Replacements Bookshelf

There is a great thread over on the the forums at the Man Without Ties website titled "The PW / Mats Library Shelf" and I'm gonna plagirize it.

Here are my top 5 selections:

1) The Replacements - All Over But The Shouting - an Oral History by Jim Walsh

Great snippets of Mats lore

2) The Second Greatest Story Ever Told by Gorman Bechard

Fictional account of the daughter of God - and she's a Replacements fan - go figure

3) Our Band Could Be Your Life - Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981 - 1991 by Michael Azzerad

The Mats influence Nirvana? - who wouldda guessed

4) 31 Songs by Nick Hornby

An homage to Westerberg's "Born for Me" encompasses chapter 12

5) Let it Be by Colin Meloy (in the 33 1/3 series)

Great book, not a huge fan of the author's band

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White

Here's a link to a great Garage track from the Standell's, later covered by Minor Threat:

The song's writer, Edward Cobb, also wrote Dirty Water, the Standell's classic and Tainted Love, later covered by Soft Cell.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cutting Wax at Ardent Studios

Who are these guys and what are they doing?

The answers would be 1) the engineering dudes behind the New Rhino Handmade Chris Bell CD and 2) cutting the master for the 7" reproduction of Chris Bell's 1977 single "I Am The Cosmos"

Find out more at

The original single goes for upwards of $100.

The new Rhino CD with the 7" repro goes for around $40


Sunday, October 18, 2009

RRW on a Sunday #2 Left Of The Dial

A Podcast Continues

Here's the Playlist:

Coma Girl
Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros

I'm So Bored with the U.S.A

Rudie Can't Fail
London Calling

Brand New Cadillac
Miss Fire And The Detonations
Miss Fire And The Detonations

Living In This town
Havana 3AM
Havana 3 AM

I Want Candy
Bang 7"
Nuggets From Nuggets

Hot, Hot, Hot
Buster Poindexter
RCA 7"
Buster Poindexter

Lonely Boy
Cute Lepers
Damaged Goods 7"

Left Of The Dial

Joe Strummer RIP, more Halloween 45s and some great places to buy 7"s

Click the link below to download the MP3

Friday, October 16, 2009


"When the first season of your critically acclaimed Sundance Channel series managed to attract both Bill Clinton and Lou Reed as guests, it’s hard to imagine topping that in season two. And yet, it looks like the new round of Spectacle: Elvis Costello with… shows is going to very high-wattage indeed. This year’s marquee names are two of the biggest in rock: Bruce Springsteen and Bono. And the rest of the line-up is nothing to sneeze at either, including Sheryl Crow, Lyle Lovett, John Prine, Ron Sexsmith, Neko Case, Jesse Winchester, Ray LaMontagne, Nick Lowe, Levon Helm, Richard Thompson, and Allen Toussaint. Each episode features both interviews and performances, pairing Costello with his guests. The new season premieres December 9."

Looks like Elvis is back. Nick Lowe? Ok I gotta watch this one.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

RRW On A Sunday #1 Kids Don't Follow

A Podcast is Born

Here's the Playlist :

Drop Them Gloves
Paul Westerberg
Cat Wing Joy Boys EP

Don't Cha Stop
Cars LP

Got a Lot on My Head
Candy-O LP

Simple Pages
Green LP

Modern Swinger
Pink Spiders
Teenage Graffiti LP

Goo Goo Muck
Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads
Astra 7"
Songs we Taught the Cramps #1 Compilation LP

Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon
Enigma 7"
Psychedelic Jungle LP

Motorhead with Me
No Bunny
HoZac 7"

Kids Don't Follow
Stink EP

A bit of talk about Ric Ocasek, Jukeboxes and great podcasts.

Click the link below to get the MP3