Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ruhstaller Gilt Edge Golden Lager

Relaxing this afternoon in the Pinhead Studios with a nice locally produced lager - a Ruhstaller Gilt Edge Golden Lager.  This one is all California, with locally farmed Metcalf and Copeland malts and Cluster and Cascade Hops.  Those hops really stand out in this lager, perhaps the hoppiest lager I've ever tasted.  Pine and lemon are strong, perhaps a bit overpowering for the malts.  Nice dry, spicy finish that differentiates this from a typical lager.  Sold in four packs of cans, I'll be going back for more this summer.

Ruhstaller History - 42 IBUs

A vintage can of Gilt Edge (from the pre-prohibition day of the original Ruhstaller Brewery) -

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