Sunday, February 24, 2013

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #172 - P. O. Box

Black and White photography - I just love it and I hope you love the songs that I've collected for you this week - all about the Camera.

Here's the Playlist:

The Soviettes
Suggested by Noland of The Tanked
Here Comes A Regular
Paul Westerberg
"A Lot Of Songs - Not For Sale" The Troubador 9-17-96 
Get the Boot Here ---> ROIO

Po Box
The Replacements
Flowers in the Dark 

People Take Pictures of Each Other
The Kinks
The Village Green Preservation Society
Suggested by Tom T

Picture Book
Bill Lloyd and Tommy Womack
This Is Where I Belong (The Songs Of Ray Davies & The Kinks)
Suggested by John
Send A Picture Of Mother (Live)
Johnny Cash
At Folsom Prison
Suggested by Boyd

Pretty Picture
Saturday Nights Alright
Suggested by Greg Lonesome of the Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor show

The Diodes

Picture My Face
Teenage Head
Teenage Head

Let Me Take Your Photo
Speedy Delivery
Picture, Picture
Harvey Danger
Little By Little
Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)
Electric Six
I Turn My Camera On
Gimme Fiction

The Vibrators
A Punk Tribute To Weezer

This Is Not A Photograph
Mission Of Burma
Signals, Calls, And Marches
Suggested by Joe of The Best Table In Hell podcast
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Partner In Crime
Get the new one here -----> iTunes
In A Video
Swingin' Utters
Poorly Formed

Pictures on My Wall
Echo & The Bunnymen
Zoo 7"

Aztec Camera
Rough Trade 7"
Suggested by Kate

Pictures Of Lily
Decca 7"
Suggested by Tim Pop of the TimPopLive show

Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Status Quo
Cadet Concept 7"

Gimme Some Slack
Elektra 7"

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Next week, 
 I'll be paying tribute to the band Camper Van Beethoven.

In 2 Weeks,  it's time to return to Portland.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:

2012 La Finca Malbec

A cold and crisp late Winter day outside - perfect for a hearty Red inside.  Picked up this one down at my local Trader Joe's for $3.99.  At that price, I wasn't expecting much, but this one delivers, right up to the $4 mark.  Yep - it's a Malbec, crazy dark purple and nice roasted earthy notes, but it lacks a bit of a backbone that some of the better Argentinian Malbecs posess.   Now, don't get me wrong, I'll be back for more as the price is certainly right.

Here's a few more reviews (including a great video review):

Reverse Wine Snob ---->  A $3.99 Malbec worth at least $4.50

Cheap Wine Girls ----->  What do cow's drink?

Below is the Cheap Girl's review on the ole' youtube

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #171 - Johnny's Gonna Die (Live at Maxwell's)

The Outsiders - a great novel and a great movie - tonight the show revolves around Johnny, Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darryl, Two-Bit, Dallas and Cherry.

Here's the Playlist:

Stay Gold, Ponyboy
The Get Up Kids
Four Minute Mile

Johnny's Gonna Die
The Replacements
Maniac -  Live at Maxwell's Hoboken 2-4-86

Sewer Rats
Johnny EP

Rocket From The Crypt
Live From Camp X Ray
TV Tropes - The Outsiders

Time Won't Let Me
The Outsiders
Pride Of Cleveland's Past
Suggested by Draz of Coffee Time

Subterranean Jungle 

Sweet Cherry  
Honey Boy
Sweet Cherry 12"

Chemical People
Ten Fold Hate
Suggested by Joe of The Best Table In Hell

Soldier's Things
Tom Waits
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy and The Tucos

Runaway Boys
The Kruise
Stray Cat Blues

Speed, Grease And Rock-n-Roll
Reverend Wright And The Mystery Train Gamblers
The Sounds Of Gasoline: Volume Two

Story Of My Life
Social Distortion
Social Distortion

Down in The Boondocks
Ry Cooder
Suggested by Boyd

Janie Jones
Neurotic Outsiders
Neurotic Outsiders
Tapes on Books

I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
Jerry Lee Lewis
Young Blood

Dallas Blues
Louis Armstrong
Hot Fives & Sevens

Government Of Kids
Apa State Mental
Apa State Mental

I Walked From Dallas
Howlin' Wolf
The Chess Box

Too Pretty
The Soda Pop Kids
Teen Bop Dream

Shout It
It's Ok to Like Biters

Come Down The Coast
Camper Van Beethoven
La Costa Perdido

Little Sugar
The Windowsill
Shield 7"

Little Miss Awesome
Jeremy Porter and The Tucos
Partner in Crime
Get the new record over at

Cherry Baby
Capitol 7"

Cherry Bomb
Wheels On Fire
Kind Turkey 7"

Cherry Bomb
The Runaways
Mercury 7"

Jail Guitar Doors
The Clash
CBS 7"
Suggesed by Dave of Mottey's Garage

Johnny B. Goode
Chuck Berry
Chess 7"

Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
Elton John
MCA 7"
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Mystery Train
Elvis Presley
RCA 7"

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Next week, 
 the subject will be Photographs.

In 2 Weeks, I'll be paying tribute to the band Camper Van Beethoven.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:

Almanac Brewing Company Biere de Chocolat American Porter

Nice and sunny out here on the Left Coast this fine Sunday afternoon.  Popped the top on an Almanac Brewing Company Biere de Chocolat American Porter.  This one is touted as an "California Table Beer" - meaning that the brewers "select the best in locally sourced fruit and blend it into their beers that are inspired by the great brewing traditions of the world".  This one has a couple of unique ingredients:

Dandelion Chocolate - this company roasts small-batch, unique, single-origin cocoa beans to create rich complex chocolate bars that highlight the unique flavors of their different terroirs (what - is this a wine?). The chocolate used in this beer is sourced from Madagascar and Rio Caribe Venezuela.

Ivanhoe hops - sourced from farms in Clearlake, California which lend a citrusy note to the beer.

This one is only 5.5% abv.  Lightly carbonated, the malts give this one a midnight black color with a very small amount of foam.  Easy drinking and smooth.  Glad I tried this one out at the recommendation of the local beer shoppe.  Cheers!

Click the link for some Propaganda from the Brewery ----->  quaffable chocolate brew

Some reading material courtesy of Boyd - can't wait to dig in to these!

Finally received my 3 pack of The Windowsill / The Real Danger split 7" vinyl.  Kinda like the purple - what's your favorite flavor?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #170 - Raw Ramp

The fine art of the cover song - well, that would be explored on some other show - this one has some pounding versions!

Here's the playlist:

The Letter
Broken Bottles
In the Bottles
Suggested by Joe of the Best Table In Hell

Raw Ramp
The Replacements
September 9, 1994, Variety Theater, Cleveland

Sonny Vincent, Arthur Kane & Clem Burke
Greetings From Los Angeles... Eight Years Of Acetate Records

Kansas City
Little Willie Littlefield
Going Back To Kay Cee

Bo Diddley
BO'S THE MAN! Bo Diddley Live On Tour

Little Red Rooster
The Rolling Stones
Live in England '65

Sally Sue Brown
Elvis Costello
Adios Amigo: A Tribute To Arthur Alexander

Pump It Up
Kurt Baker
Got It Covered

So Sad About Us
Inside Looking Out
Big Beat Cellar Scene: The Lost Sounds Of Adelaide 1965-70

Who's Gonna Tell Mary?
Busy Singles

King Kong Song
Electric Boys
Abba - A Tribute
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Every Night About This Time
Rachel Brooke
A Killer's Dream

As Tears Go By
Nonstopaggropop 1977-1997
Suggested by Christian

Wasted Years
Ryan Adams
Suggested by Jeremy of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

What Goes On
The Feelies
Only Life
Suggested by Dave of Mottey's Garage

Waterloo Sunset
The Fastbacks  
Give The People What We Want

Truth Hits Everybody
No Use For A Name

Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
Suggested by Noland of The Tanked

Batmobile Is Dynamite

I'm a King Bee
The Radiators from Space
Sound City Beat

Tell Me Where's That Girl
The Future Primitives
Songs We Taught Ourselves

Peaches in the Summertime
Camper Van Beethoven
La Costa Perdida

Tropical Depression
The Night Marchers
Allez Allez

Manta Ray
Man Or Astro-Man?
Shake Records 7"

Gates of Steel
The Men
Karmic Swamp 7"

You Better Move On
Rolling Stones
Decca 7"

2120 South Michigan Avenue
The Wrecked Angles
Norton 7"
Second Hand Songs - a great cover song website

There She Goes Again
IRS 7"

Sweet Apple
Outer Battery 7"

Knock On Wood
David Bowie
RCA 7"

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Next week, 
The show will be centered around that great novel and movie The

In 2 Weeks, the subject will be Photographs.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Boeger Hangtown Red Lot 46

A beautiful Saturday afternoon is coming to an end, but have no fear as I've cracked open a nice red blend to start the evening off right.  Yes - posting some Red Wine Thoughts on a Saturday, as you know there is some kinda sporting event that I'll be watching about this time tomorrow - go Niners!  I thought it quite appropriate that I have a wine from the foothills of California, where the original 49ers swarmed to to find gold - yep that was 1849 - get yer history books out....

This is a Boeger Hangtown Red lot 46.  Now I've waxed poetic about lot's 39 and 40 in previous posts and have been working my way through the blends.  This one is the best of the Lot - no pun intended.  Seems that they have gone away from the Rhone varietals and made this one with Cab, Zin, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Barbera.  What a nice blend with the Zinfandel predominating - just what I like.  At only about $7 smackers down at my local Trader Joes, ya can't go wrong.

Propaganda from the Winery - Italian and BBQ Dishes

Not sure if you can tell by the photo, but the Juke is empty and I'm picking some covers to put in - some tough choices to narrow it down and you'll be hearing some of them them on the show tomorrow.  Got a nice section devoted to Rockabilly too, with some Cash, Presley, Cochran, Vincent, Smith and Bennett.  Hmm - I need to do a Rockabilly show soon.  Threw in the few Outsiders related 45's too - I'm gonna need some help with that show - gonna be a fun one.

Speaking of the covers show - check out the video below - it's the state senator from Minnesota impersonating Mick Jagger - hilarious stuff!

Al Franken as Mic Jagger, Tom Davis as Keith Richards, backed by the Solid Gold Band led by Michael Miller (on guitar!), Dave Edelstein on bass, and Ron Aston on drums.