Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oskar Blues Brewing Pinner Throwback IPA

Greetings and Salutations (sorry, I just watched Heathers with Christian Slater and Wynona Ryder last night with daughter #1 and we've been quoting the movie all day....).  I hope you are having a great Sunday.  just poured a Pinner from Oskar Blues Brewery.  They call it a "Throwback IPA", not sure why?  Maybe it's because of the 4.9% alcohol in this session ale?  You can "Throwback" a few more that usual without the effects?  Not Sure.

I do know why they named it Pinner - according to the webiste (see link below) a "Pinner" is a tiny, thin joint low on marijuana content.  Now why would Oskar Blues (a brewery in the cannibus legal state of Colorado) name a beer with this moniker and also have a quote just under 
the top of the can "Can I be Blunt?".  Maybe because they are a bit loopy?  No, you see cannibus and the lowly hop plant share a common taxonomy, in that the plants are in the same family (namely the "cannabacae" family for all you botanists out there).  Hey - you learn a new thing every day is my motto - never knew that, but it makes sense as many of the aromas I love in beer kinda smell like fresh leaves.  

This beer is bursting with dry hopped goodness - although the stated IBU is just 35.  The hops are not listed, but I am guessing either Mosaic or Eldorado, or perhaps both.  I'll be back for more and love the can and the color scheme - looks just like a Cream Soda....  


Oskar Blues Brewery site -----> crushable review ----->  beer-weed overlap review -----> nod to the hops

Below- a video from the Ashville Ale Trail about Pinner- 

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