Sunday, May 3, 2015

2012 Denada Cellars Red Blend

It's a Red Wine Sunday this week with a Chilean Red Blend.  This one is from the Denada Cellars in the Valle de Maule and is a blend of primarily Carneriere, with some Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet blended in as well.

On the nose it's smoke, smoke, smoke - did I mention smoke.  Maybe it's the rosemary twigs smoking away on the grill, but I really think it is the wine.  

On the tongue, lotsa spicy tannins with more smokey goodness and some Strawberry? Or is it Currant? Some kinda nutty goodness too - Almonds?  Nope - Hazelnuts - that's it.

Not a bad blend for the $7 I spent down at my local Trader Joes's.  Give it some time to breathe and open up if you get a bottle- the time is well worth it.

This should go well with the Asado De Tirra and the Quinoa Risotto with yellow and red peppers that I'm preparing on the grill outside tonight.  The ribs will be on the main grill and the Quinoa will be bubbling away on the side burner.  Can't wait to pair them with the wine -Salute!


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