Sunday, February 15, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #259 - Wonderful Copenhagen

Viking Rock this week!  Watch out for Thor's Hammer, it might burst your eardrums.  Got some Hellacopters, Chuck Norris Experiment, Yum Yums, Puffball, Hanoi Rocks, Apa State Mental and Abba for ya (Hey you are the Dancing Queen right?)

Here's the Playlist:

Long Gone Losers
The Hellacopters
Disappointment Blues

Lost In The City
Hanoi Rocks
Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks
Suggested by jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Wonderful Copenhagen
Paul Westerberg
Suicaine Gratifaction

Head (Live)
Apa State Mental

Out Of Hand
Wolverine Blues
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Miki Lamarr
In High Fidelity!

Samson & Delilah
Scandinavian Rockabillies 

13 Women
The Renegades
What A Way To Die: 15 Forgotten Losers From the Mid 60's - 1983
Suggested by Kate

The Best Head Ever

Once Upon
Suggested by Joe Syph of the Best Table In Hell

Baby I'm a Bum
God Given Ass
Checking If They're Still Alive


Does Your Mother Know (Live At Wembley Arena, London, 1979)
Live At Wembley Arena

Do You Believe Her
The Raveonettes
Whip It On

All I Wanna Do
The Yum Yums
Play Good Music

I Want My Baby Dead
Suggested by Greg of the Rock N Roll Manifesto

Punkrock Livin'
Pink Pedal Pushers
Set the Rules

Kitty Galore
Baby Woodrose
Road to Nowhere

Psycho Man (Feat. Texas Terri)
Chuck Norris Experiment
Best Of The First Five

Gimme Gimme Gimme
Caroline And The Treats
Bad All Over

Love Stethoscope
Division of Laura Lee

Around 97
Reconsider Fisto

Do You Wanna Rock
Danko Jones
Fire Music

Here Comes The Nightmare
Dead Pollys
Bullet For The Wicked

How Much Longer To Las Vegas
Sweet Jeena And Her Sweethearts
Lovers and Lunatics

It’s All Over But The Shouting
JD McPherson
Let The Good Times Roll

High Class Woman
Blues Pills
Blues Pills

Dead Town
Feral Ward 7"

Leadfoot Ninja
Glazed 7"

Self-Important Girl 
Kwyet Kings
Get Hip 7"

D. A. D.
Sleeping My Day Away
Warner 7"

Penniman 7"

Get Hip 7"

Background Music tonight was all Laika and the Cosmonauts (great surf from Finland)

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