Sunday, October 17, 2010

2006 Berryessa Gap Zinfandel

A rainy Sunday out here in Northern California. Fall is definately here. Got a bottle of locally produced 2006 Berryessa Gap Zinfandel open tonight antd some Rib-Eyes on the grill.

Both are in honor of the Cramps, that crazy rockabilly/psychobilly/alternative/garage/whatever ya wanna call them band. I'll be posting an episode of Red Red Wine on a Sunday shortly dedicated to the band that formed locally here in the Sacramento area and loved their meat rare! (being a Human Fly has it's advantages....)

Here's the wine propoganda from the website: The origin of Zinfandel remained a mystery for many years leaving California winemakers without a historic reputation to try to emulate. Unrestricted, they used their creativity to define a uniquely California wine.

Pretty wide open statement - well, this one is nice and Jammy - lotsa fruit and hits ya like a velvet glove - 15.8 % alcohol!

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