Sunday, April 13, 2014

Les Brasseurs R. J. No. 926 Belgian Pale Ale

Warming up out here on the Left Coast and I've got a great beer to go with the increasing temperatures.  This is the second of the beers that I smuggled back from Montreal.  The beer is No. 926 from the Les Brasseurs R.J. brewery.  This one is categorized as a Belgian Pale Ale.  

Pours a really hazy orange with just a bit of a head on it.  Aromas of banana and cloves hit the nose immediately.  On the tongue, oranges predominate and the beer has a wonderful tartness to it.  Loving this one!

Other Belgian Pale Ales include Orval Trappist and Leffe Blonde.  The No. 926 is fairly clean without the funkiness of those 2 beers.  Not many hops in this one, with some great malt sweetness - a pleasant change from the double and triple IPA madness.  I'd recommend this one if you are near the brewery.


Les Brasseurs R. J. website ----->  PFR. 5%

A video review from the Beer Guy:

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