Sunday, August 9, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #279 - Within Your Reach (Live at the Masonic)

Finding my Place In The Sun with some Mats, Soul Asylum, Clash, Le Zets, Reprobettes and Harry.

Here's the Playlist:

Walking On Sunshine
Katrina And The Waves
Katrina And The Waves

The Golden State
John Doe
A Year In The Wilderness
Suggested by Noland of the Tanked

Within Your Reach
2015-04-13: Masonic Auditorium,San Francisco, CA 

Dark Sunglasses
The Sharp
This Is The Sharp

Midnight Sun
High Fangs
High Fangs

Carl Perkins' Cadillac
Drive-By Truckers
The Dirty South
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter And The Tucos

Solar Sex Panel
Little Village
Little Village
Suggested by Boyd

Sun Don't Shine
Soul Asylum
While You Were Out

Uncontrollable Urge
Live In The Land Of The Rising Sun

Sunny Side Of The Street
The Pogues
Hell's Ditch

Let's See the Sun
The Fleshtones
Roman Gods

I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine
Dean Martin
The Complete Dean Martin
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

The Right Profile
The Clash
London Calling

Sun Eye
Peel Sessions

Sunset Hill
Burnt Ones
Black Teeth & Golden Tongues

Another Half hour Till' Sunrise
Tall Boys
Big Beat 7"

Sunglasses After Dark
Dwight Pullen
Loud, Fast & Out of Control: The Wild Sounds of the '50s

Midnight Sun
Magic Christian Music

This Side Of The Sun
Star Spangles
Dirty Bomb
Suggested by Kate

Into The Sun

Sunburn Kids
Admiral Radley
I Heart California

Sunshine Girl
Sunshine Girl
Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!

Sunrise Eyes
Matthew Sweet
Sunshine Lies

Alone With You
Suggested by Darren

The Have Nots
Under The Big Black Sun

May The Sunshine
No Mean City

Out Of The Sun

Kiss the Sunrise
Danger Death Ray
Tigers In Bed EP

The Apers
The Apers

Summer Sun
Baby Shakes
Starry Eyes
Suggested by Tommer of Tommy Unit Live

Danger 7"

Into The Sun
Bernie Torme

Red Death Mobile
Le Zets

Watch The Sunrise
Big Star
Ardent 7"

Islands In The Sun
Harry Belafonte

Wayerloo Sunset
SPH 7"

Everyday Sunshine
UK Columbia 7"

Honey, Don't
Carl Perkins
Sun 7"

Born To Loose
Johnny Cash
Sun 7"

Vanilla Trainweck
Grey Swirl Vinyl Dutch India East 7"

Background music on the show this week:

Walking In The Sunshine                         Bad Manners
Sunspots                                                  Bob Mould
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise     The Atlantics
Overture To The Sum                              A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack

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