Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bike Dog Brewing Mosaic Pale Ale

Greeting on this fine Sunday afternoon.  Another week where my Sunday plans will leave me out of the house and away from the vinyl.  Alas, a good dinner will be had at the in-laws tonight, so don't worry about me too much.  Plus, hey - I bring the wine, so I'm good.  No wineing until later today, so it's back to some Mosaic goodness at Noon.  Apparently, I am not the only one who loves the hop, as beers emblazoned with MOSAIC are appearing everywhere, including a local West Sacramento brewery called Bike Dog.

The beer pours a very pale straw-gold color (hey - it's a pale ale) and has a nice white head.  The smell, well - it's damn good!.  For some reason, beyond the normal dankness and fruitiness of the Mosaic aroma (that you can smell half the room away...) I'm getting a distinct Orange smell - like someone just put their thumb into the peel and started pulling.  I  kinda like that.  The taste - hmmm - not as good as the Karl Strauss, but it is different.  Subtle this beer is.  Lighter than the Strauss, and with less of a malt forwardness, this one puts the Mosaic front and center.  A bit out of balance for me but, hey , I'm gonna finish it. Well done Bike Dog!

Below you will find links to the brewery and an interesting article on the MOSAIC SHORTAGE!  Dang, just when I was getting a bunch of mosaic beers to try.....

Bike Dog Brewery ------->  Slightly Skewed

Sac Bee article on mosaic hop ------->  SHORTAGE!

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