Sunday, August 16, 2015

2013 Murphy-Goode Pinot Noir

It's a Red Wine Sunday tonight and I have opened up a 2013 Murphy- Goode California Pinot Noir.  Produced up in Healdsburg, California this wine blends grapes from the central coast region.

The aroma - a bit of smoke and vanilla.  On the tongue - Black Cherries predominate with some other great fruit forward flavours.  Light and smooth - perfect for the summer temps we have been seeing out here on the left coast.  

I tried the 2008 Pinot from the winery a few years ago and loved it as well as a Red Blend that the winery produced just last year, so I am not surprised that this vintage is superb.

Gotta love the back label as it states "Like a new cover of your favorite song, our Pinot noir is unexpected, mysterious and wonderfully familiar."  Wow - great description.

This should go great with the Salmon that will be grilled later and the Mango Salsa that will top the Salmon.

Murphy-Goode website -----> A darn Goode Pinot

My Review of the 2008 vintage -----> well worth the price

So happy to have picked up a copy of the Twintone Years!  I've got #2098 of 8000.  Hmm - not really a "Limited" edition?.


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