Sunday, March 1, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #261 - Favorite Thing

Some of my Favorite Things - the Third edition - with some Punk, Power Pop, Singer / Songwriter and College rock goodness.

Here's the Playlist:

Favorite Thing
Youth Group
I'm In Love....With That Song!

Carry On
Hifi Handgrenades
Carry On
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and The Tucos

All Set To Go
Waterfront Single
Suggested by Darren

Killing Time
The Strychnine Babies
New Religion
Suggested by Kate

The Unheard Music
Los Angeles

Something On My Mind
The Speedies
Special Delivery

Want You Now
Velvet Crush
Stereo Blues
Suggested by Tom T

That's What The Little Girls Do
The Knack
Get The Knack

Alone With You

Bop It Up!
The Soda Pop Kids
Write Home

Any Way You Like It
Holly Golightly
Painted On

These Roses
Extended Play

Thou Shalt Not Steal
Kev Carmody
Pillars Of Society

David Picco
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Working Man's Cafe
Ray Davies
Working Man's Cafe

Another Nail in My Heart

Everybody Loves Me But You
Juliana Hatfield
Hey Babe

Red Light District of Love
Continuous Shows

Catherine Wheel
Happy Days

Bill Bonney Regrets
The Celibate Rifles
The Turgid Miasma of Existence

Rock and Roll Is Dead
Prima Donna
Nine Lives and Forty-Fives

The Killer Instinct
Black Star Riders
Killer Instinct

Make Waves
Los Demolirs

All That Sultry Summer Long
Caleb Groh
Down, Dakota!

Please Kill Me
American Heartbreak
Peloda 7"

Out Of Reach
Vice Squad
Riot City 7"

Pretend We're Dead
UK Slash 7"

Get You Alone
The Donnas
Lookout White Vinyl 7"

The Shape of Things to Come
The Headboys

Out Of Order
The Cute Lepers
Damaged Goods Lime Green Vinyl 7"

Go Before
The Figgs
Much 7"

Love and Dust
The Busy Signals
Douchmaster Light Blue Marble Vinyl 7"

Little Boxes
Pete Seeger
Columbia 7"

Well... All Right
Buddy Holly
Coral 7"

Blue Spanish Sky
Chris Isaak
UK Warner 7"

Seein' Her
Paul Westerberg
UK Sire 7"

The Church
Arista 7"

The Smartest Monkeys
UK Virgin 7"

Radio Free Europe
IRS 7"

No New Tale To Tell
Love And Rockets
Bigtime 7"

Zero Hour
The Plimsouls
Planet 7"

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Next week, I'll be taking the week off to head up to the Pacific Northwest.

In 2 Weeks, I'll Kick out the Jams with a show centered on the Martial Arts.

In 3 Weeks, I'll be exploring the Unheard Music.

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