Sunday, March 15, 2015

2014 Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Greetings on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I've got a bottle of white wine open tonight - yes, you heard me right - no red on this Sunday.  The reason - well I happened to stumble upon a wonderful Riesling while I was up in Walla Walla, Washington last weekend.  The downtown is full of tasting rooms and the Charles Smith Winery Tasting room was just around the corner from the hotel that I was staying at.

Brought a couple of bottles from that Winery home with me and I thought I would start with the white.  This Riesling is sourced from the Evergreen Vineyard along the cliffs of the Columbia River in Washington where it is grown in the fragmented basalt and gravel silt soil (more on the rocks later).

The nose is full of apricot and honey.  Clear and bright, this wine tastes of tart apple and has a wonderful fresh peach layer as well.  This wine is off dry, not sweet and has some nice acidity that is balanced well by the Rock.  Yes, this wine has the Rock, as in the minerality that balances out the acidity so well.  More on the Minerality in the link below.  A wonderful wine that should go well with the Chinese food I've ordered up tonight.  I'm a little under the weather (but recovering nicely) so I won't be cooking tonight.   This wine will pair perfectly with the Spicy Shrimp Chow Fun that I've ordered.  The second glass should pair well with the cold meds and send me off to some much needed slumber.


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