Sunday, June 29, 2014

White White Witbier and a Scuzz Bomb on a Sunday

Well, Mr. Postman has been good to me these last few weeks.  Cheers go out to both Richard and Dan for posting some beer and tunes to me.  First up is the beer - Allagash White.

Allagash White is the flagship beer for the Allagash Brewery, founded in 1994 in Portland, Maine.  This beer is a traditional Witbier, brewed with wheat in the place of barley and is bottle conditioned, so it is nice andcloudy and you get a bit of a B-Vitamin bomb at the bottom of the bottle.  The wheat used gives the beer a nice light color and a very white head.  The taste is just heavenly with lemon, coriander and orange flavours shining through. It has been a bit of a scorcher today at the Pinhead Compound, so it is perfect that I have this beer that is light and crisp to go with a bit of Pinball and some great music.

Allagash Webpage for White ----->  Our interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer

Chicago Tribune review of the beer -----> The best beer in the world

Scuzz Bombe - the latest album from the band King Kool.  A bit of history in relation to the band and my discovery of them.  I am a follower of the band The Bonnevilles on ye olde facebook machine and one of their recent posts featured Dan Donovan of King Kool wearing one of the Bonneville's t-shirts in a video.  Well, there is your stamp of approval - I needed to hear more!  I subsequently played a King Kool song on the show a few months back and Dan contacted me and wondered if I would like to hear the whole album.  Well - the answer was a quick - YES!

The package arrived just before my vacation and I was floored to see some of the packaging choices made.  The disc looks like an album and the case included a killer poster with the lyrics on the back side.  Scuzz Bombe from King Kool - you need this in your ears.

King Kool Bandcamp ----->  Preorder the album here

Moment Magazine profile of the band -----> turn to page 82

Front Stage Music review of the album ----->  one hell of a cracking album

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