Sunday, June 8, 2014

Victory Brewing Company DirtWolf Double IPA

It's a scorcher outside this June afternoon.  Good thing I have the deep dark confines of the Pinhead Studios to retreat to and enjoy a rare treat.  Now, I can find some of the Victory Brewing company's beer out here on the left coast, like the HopDevil IPA and the Prima Pils, but some of the more limited releases are hard to get out here, as the Brewery is located in Pennsylvania.  That is where my friend and fellow Real Punk Radio cohort Greg Lonesome comes into the picture.  You see, I've been trading some beers with him in sort of a Brew Exchange Pact (you send me some local beers and I'll send you some local beers).  So, one of the beers he sent my way was the DirtWolf.

This beer pours a bit hazy and with a nice tall white head.  Smells dark and danky, but wow, what a wonder on the tongue.  Those same dark and dank flavors provide a solid foundation and then a nice high note is given with a wonderful Tangerine, Citrus flavor that finishes the experience.  That is DirtWolf.  What a wonderful beer that we need to have out here in California.  So, if you are listening Victory - please send some out our way!

So the facts - 8.7 % ABV.  Whole Flower Citra, Chinook, Simcoe and Mosaic hops.  Aha - Mosaic - that must be the citrusy tangeriney flavor that I'm getting - absolutely love beers with that hop featured!  Mucho thanks Greg - see the link to his great show below.

Greg Lonesome's Rock N Roll Manifesto ---->  Music You Need To Hear

Victory has a wonderful video overview of the Brewery that I've included below - Cheers!

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