Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ruhstaller The Sauce Porter

Greetings on this fine Sunday afternoon.  I've popped open a fine combination of Sacramento's premier brewing and coffee roasting collaborations called The Sauce.  The beer is a fine American Porter from Ruhstaller and the coffee is a very special one from the Old Soul Coffee Company.  Brewed with beans sourced from Panama's Los Lajones Estate, the coffee is infused into the Porter in this wonderful beer, limited to just 230 cases.  How does it taste, you ask?  Well, the subtle malts and hops give way to a burst of fresh roasted coffee smell and taste.  Throw away your mimosas next Sunday's brunch and pour one of these!  Highly recommended.

The Ruhstaller Website ----- > coffee-infused Porter

Brewgie Howser review ----- > undertones of cocoa and toffee

Below is the story of the collaboration:

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