Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Greeting and Salutations on this fine Sunday out here on the Left Coast.  A bit nippy, but have no fear, I have a fine Ale to keep me warm.  That and the heat given off by the games in the Pinhead Studio.  This  is the 32nd year that the Sierra Nevada Brewery has brewed up this IPA, yep started it all in 1981.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the very first West Coast IPA - you know that beer championed by the beard wearing, hop loving, ale nazis (not to be confused with the soup nazis) that were born around 1981.

This year's Celebration keeps the flame alive with a great Copper / Cedar color and a creamy white head with lots of those peaks and valleys I love.  Lotsa lacing on the glass - a nice etched Sierra Nevada Imperial Pint Glass that I picked up at the Brewery in Chico a few months ago.  You can get one too over here:

Sierra Nevada Imperial Pint Glass ----- only $3.50

If you have not tried this year's Celebration Ale, get yourself on over to your neighborhood Ale Shop and grab a sixer - you won't regret it!

Sierra Nevada Website for the beer ----->  Bottle Conditioned

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