Sunday, November 10, 2013

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #204 - Ghost On The Canvas

Mona Lisa, The Raft of the Medusa, Degas, Picasso - yes - I cover it all in tonight's episode - all about those Sensitive Artist types....

Here's the Playlist:

Painter Man
The Creation
Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes

Ghost On The Canvas
Paul Westerberg
PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys

Paint Her Face
The Records
Smashes, Crashes And Near Misses

Paint The Town Red
Mama Rosin w/Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers
Louisiana Sun 

Let' s Paint The Town Red
Al Sweatt
Buffalo Bop - Juvenile Jungle

Painting the Town Blue
More Fun In The New World

Painted Parade
Red Fang
Murder The Mountains

Postcard Of A Painting
Maxïmo Park
A Certain Trigger

Paint by Number Heart
Martha & The Muffins
Metro Music

Painted On My Heart
The Myce
Hey! It's a Teenacide Pajama Party!

Paint It Black
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Gimme A Can Of Spray Paint
Get Out, Take Your Mother With You 7"

Spray Paint
Black Flag
Suggested by Noland of the Tanked

One Note
Ikara Colt
Chat and Business
Suggested by Christian

Painted Shut
Jay Reatard
Matador Singles '08

Cigarettes In Paintbuckets
Marf Loth
Cigarettes In Paintbuckets

When I Paint My Masterpiece
The Band
Greatest Hits
Suggested by Boyd

Art Crisis
Bob Mould
Bob Mould

Art School
The Jam
In the City
Suggested by Noland

Warhol's Fifteen
The Blue Aeroplanes

Andy Warhol
David Bowie
Hunky Dory

Art Lover
The Kinks
Give The People What They Want
Suggested by Tom T

(my baby does) Good Sculptures
The Rezillos
The Modern World: UK Punk II (1977-78)

Pablo Picasso
The Modern Lovers
The Modern Lovers

The Wake Of The Medusa
Hell's Ditch

Modern Art
Art Brut
Bang Bang Rock and Roll
Suggested by Christian

Sensitive Artist
King Missle
Fluting On The Hump

Modern Art
Black Lips
Arabia Mountain

Majoring in the Arts
Blue Skies For Black Hearts
Embracing the Modern Age

Artists Only
Talking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and Food

Van Gough
Two Cow Garage
The Death of the Self Preservation Society

Painted White
Missing Monuments
Missing Monuments

Henry's Dress
All This Time For Nothing
Omnibus 7"

Mona Lisa
Carl Mann
Phillips 7"

Ordinary Girl
Graham Parker
RCA 7"

Painted Moon
RCA 7"
All Kindsa Girls Show # 105

Achin To Be
Australian Sire 7"

Background music on the show tonight:

War Paint     Warriors     Buffalo Bop - Wa-chic-ka-nocka

Paint it Bond     The Reverberators     Exotic Guitars

Who Painted Whistler's Mother?  Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet 

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Next week,  
Lou Reed will be the subject - influences, contemporaries, followers...

In 2 Weeks, Railroads are given the right of way with songs about Engineers, Steel Rails, Locomotives, ....

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