Saturday, November 2, 2013

Great Basin Brewing "Icky" IPA and a Couple of Home Brews

A wonderful fall day - hit 75 degrees out here on the left coast - yes, put the shorts back on for a day..... Cracking open a couple of beers that were sent to me by a kind listener of the show - Brent from the Reno, Nevada area.  Seems Brent has been brewing up some goodness on his own and sent me a Blonde Ale and a Pale Ale / Amber of his to try and he threw in a local beer too.  If you want to know what I think of the home brews, you will just have to listen to the show that I've been putting together this afternoon.  Yes, recording on a Saturday again as I have a busy schedule tomorrow.  I've been planning a trip up to the Sierra Nevada Brewery for a few months now and tomorrow is the day!  Meeting up with Jake of the Jake's Inferno podcast to taste a few of the brewery's offering and go record shopping.

The beer at hand is the Ichthyosaur "Icky" IPA from the Great Basin Brewing Company located in Reno, Nevada.  This one is named after the Nevada official state fossil - kinda clever methinks.  This beer poured a nice hazy orange with a finger and 1/2 of a white frothy head.  Nice peaks and valleys in the head, beckoning me to get my upper lip coated.  The hops are nice and subdued on this IPA.  I've been hit over the head a few times with the "Hopped Up IPAs" lately and this one is a bit of a change of pace - almost in the Pale Ale category - nice and drinkable.  I'll be looking for more of this one on the shelves - hope it is distributed out my way....

Beer Advocate ----> Just Say "Gimme An Icky"

Great Basin Brewery site ----->  Celebrating 20 years!

Photos of the Home Brews!

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