Sunday, November 10, 2013

2011 Painter Bridge Zinfandel

I didn't take any chances with corked wine tonight as I chose a wine with a screwcap.  I wanted to make sure I could enjoy the wine and not have to dump it down the drain.  I've got a 2011 Painter Bridge Zinfandel from the J Lohr Winery.  The grapes are sourced from the Paso Robles area of California.  If you have ever seen the movie Sideways, you have seen the area.  Situated half way between San Fransisco and Los Angeles and near the coast, the area has a great climate for producing really good Pinot Noirs.  It appears that the Zinfandels grown in that area are pretty nice too, if this one is represents the area.  Strange that the Winery chose to bottle this in a "Burgundy" shaped bottle, which most Pinot Noirs come in, but not Zinfandels.  Interesting choice, but it is a bit appropriate as to the region the wine is from and the softer style that the Zinfandel is made in.  This one is only 13.1% alcohol, as opposed to the big bold 15% Zins that I have had before.  Nice hints of Oak, Pepper and Plum is gonna make this one go well with the Tri-Tip on the grill.

Painter Bridge website-----> 83% Zinfandel, 17% Petite Sirah


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