Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ruhstaller Captain California Black IPA

A hot day out here on the left coast - time for a beer!  Cracked open a Ruhstaller Captain California Black IPA to quench my thirst - Caramel, Chocolate and hints of coffee with a citrus nose (grapefuit, orange and melon) worked great on the palate and the 7.3% is working great on my disposition. I had the 1881 ale earlier this year - Ruhstaller 1881 Red Ale, but the Capt. hadn't been available in the last few months for some reason and I was happy to find it at my local Beer Shoppe.  That Beer Shoppe is just down the street from a couple of Record stores too, so picked up the MC5, Joey Ramone and Ryan Adams 7" in honor of Record Store Day.

Here's the website for the beer -  Ruhstaller

Check out my review over at Beer Advocate - Capt. Ruhstaller


PS - got to tour the Brewery at the University of California at Davis yesterday and had a blast learning about the facility and the great studies that are on-going.  If you enjoy any of the thousands of craft brews that this country produces, you owe a debt to the efforts of Charles Bamforth and the crew at this facility - they have trained many a BrewMaster!

Check out the great pint glass I purchased below, the text is:

 4-Vinyl Guaiacol
 Clove-like Aroma In Beer

See the video below from a great article about the place - POSCI article

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