Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #135 - Wake Up

Caffeine - I can't life without it and the best vehicle for the substance shown above, you ask?  Coffee - Java, Brain Juice, Morning Thunder, whatever you call it, it is tasty.  

Here's the playlist for the Coffee Show:

Wake Up
All For Nothing/Nothing For All

Black Coffee
Black Flag
Slip It In
Suggested by Greg Lonesome of the Rock and Roll Manifesto

The Coffee Song
King Brothers  
Very Best Of

Starfish And Coffee 
Sign 'O' The Times 

Help Me Stay Awake
The Copyrights
Mutiny Pop

Through to Me
Cheap Girls
Find Me A Drink Home

Something Beautiful
The Windowsill
The Windowsill

The Cajun Coffee Song
Moon Mullican
78 RPM recording
Internet Archive - Moon Mullican recordings

Caffeine, Nicotine, Gasoline
Bill Royal 
Twisted Tales from the Vinyl Wastelands Volume #7

Coffee Date
Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians Of The British Empire
Thatcher's Children
Suggested by Noland

Sexy Coffee Pot
Tony Avalon & The Belairs
Breakdown! Funk, Soul, Groove & Grind

Miniskirt Blues
The Cramps
Look Mom No Head!

Lie Still, Little Bottle
They Might Be Giants

Coffee Monkey
The Bottle Rockets
Suggested by Tom T

Coffee Mug
Everything Sucks
Suggested by Noland

Coffee Grind
Fear Of Lipstick
Can't Get Along
Ruhstaller Capt. Black IPA

Cigarettes And Coffee
Otis Redding
Dreams To Remember: The Otis Redding Anthology

Black Coffee In Bed
Singles 45's and Under
Suggested by Brad of We Want A Replacements Reunion And We Want It Now!

One Cup Of Coffee
Glen Glenn
Big Bad Rockabilly Boppers #5

Wake Me, Shake Me 
The Coasters 
Atco 7"

Bald Headed Woman
The Kinks
The Kinks

Caffeine Bomb
The Wildhearts
East West green vinyl 7"

What Goes Around
Jonathan Segel
All Attractions
Thanks to Tony

These Days
Nights And Days
Regal Select  7"
Aarongilbreath's Blog

Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
Lefty Frizell
Columbia 7"
Suggested by Boyd and Greg

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Next week, the subject will be Chicago.

In 2 weeks, It's movie time with Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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