Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 20 45's for 2010

Amoeba (San Francisco - Haight) 45 selection - 12/28/2010

After much procrastination and vowing to never do a list, I narrowed down my top 20.
So much good stuff this year!.

Summer Vacation EP

Caroline's Radio / Stalling and Laughing

Gaslight Anthem
Tumbling Dice / She Loves You

Hex Dispensers
I'm A Ghost / One Less Ghost

Hold Steady
Hurricane J / Ascension Blues

JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys
If You Let Me / Skinny Love

Mean Jeans / White Wires
R U Mental / Please Write

Mind Spiders
Time Sucker / Ripped

Mr. F
This Machine / Foolish Handshake

Blood Buzz Ohio / Sin-Eaters

Brace Face / Your Mouth

EP #1

Personal and the Pizzas
I Want You / (Don't Trust No) Party Boy

Soft Pack
Soft Pack LP on 6 45’s!

Digging For Something / February Punk

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
North Coast/ The Oldest House

Sunday Morning / Jimmy’s At The Mod Shop

Ty Segall
Caesar / Bullet Proof Nothing

Sex With an X / Roaster

Wheels On Fire
Black Wave / Cherry Bomb

Boxes of wax at Amoeba - 12/28/10

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