Friday, December 3, 2010

Ebay Rock 45's (12/3/10)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently.
Here's the list for Friday, the 3rd of December, 2010

Stimulators Loud Fast Rules $454.99

The Attraction She's A Girl $449.89

From the Auction:
a first pressing of the 7 inch single "Party line/ She's a girl" by the ATTRACTION as released on Columbia DB 8010 in 1966 in the UK.

The a-side is of course a KINKS song but the prize song here is the b-side, a GREAT mod/freakbeat song!

Peanuts Wilson Cast Iron Arm $400.00

Wanda Jackson Mean Mean Mean $250.00


The Satans Makin' Deals $249.99

From the Auction: 1960s Garage Rock 45 by THE SATANS entitled "Makin' Deals"/"Lines And Squares" on Manhattan Records (#801). Fantastic pair of snotty vocal tunes with Killer Fuzz guitar!

Here's a great Rockabilly collection that went for $327.56

Hi, this is a lot of 85 Rockabilly and Rockabilly related 45s. All are original US issues unless noted (there's a handful of repros, just so you know). All are 50s / 60s vintage unless noted. All will be graded individually. In the instance of a record with a picture sleeve, grading is sleeve / record. Many will need to be cleaned before playing as they have been stored for quite some time. This is a really nice lot -- the winning bidder will be very, very happy. And as a note of reassurance to those who do not know me, I am a conservative grader -- my VGs are nice! Here's the list: 1)BOBBY BARE - I'm Hangin' Up My Rifle - Fraternity - VG++ 2)BIG BOPPER - Chantilly Lace - Mercury - VG++ 3)JOHNNY BOND - X-15 - Republic - VG++ 4)JOHNNY BOND - Hot Rod Lincoln - Republic - VG+ 5)JIMMY BOWEN - I'm Stickin' With You - Roulette - VG to VG+ 6)DORSEY BURNETTE - Great Shakin' Fever - Era - VG++ (PROMO) 7)DORSEY BURNETTE - Try - Imperial - VG to VG+ 8)CABLES - Choo Choo - RCA - VG+ to possible VG++ (great rocker!!) 9)JOHNNY CARROLL - Wild Wild Women - Decca - VG- (MONSTER!!) 10)JOHNNY CASH - Next In Line - Sun - VG to VG+ 11)JOHNNY CASH - Sugartime - Sun - VG++ 12)EDDIE COCHRAN - Sittin' In The Balcony - Liberty - VG 13)TOMMY COLLINS - You Better Not Do That EP - Capitol - VG+/VG (EP w/ cover) 14)JACKIE DEE - Buddy - Liberty - VG (PROMO - Jackie DeShannon) 15)HOMER DENISON JR - Chickie Run - Brunswick - VG++ (PROMO - sticker on label) 16)RUSTY DRAPER - Pink Cadillac - Mercury - VG (surprisingly cool!) 17)ESQUIRE BOYS - Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie - Guyden - VG+ 18)FARMER BOYS - Lend A Helpin' Hand - Capitol - strong VG+ (PROMO - DJ writing on label) 19)LEFTY FRIZZELL - I Want To Be With You EP - Columbia - VG++/VG (EP w/ cover) 20)EDDIE GAINES - Be Bop Battlin' Ball - Summit - VG++ (REPRO) 21)BILL HALEY - Shake Rattle & Roll - Decca - VG+ (early "lines" label) 22)BILL HALEY - Skinny Minnie - Decca - VG++ 23)BILL HALEY - Don't Knock The Rock - Decca - VG+ to VG++ 24)ROY HALL - Dig Everybody - Hi-Q - VG++ (REPRO) 25)RONNIE HAWKINS - Forty Days - Roulette - VG+ to VG++ (sticker on label, small writing) 26)RONNIE HAWKINS - Down In The Alley - Cotillion - VG++ (ONE SIDED PROMO - late 60s record) 27)BUDDY HOLLY - Rave On - Coral - VG+ 28)HOMER & JETHRO - I Guess Things Happen That Way - RCA - VG to VG+ 29)THE FANTASTIC JOHNNY HORTON - Mercury - VG+/VG+ (RARE UK EP with cover) 30)JOHNNY HORTON MAKES HISTORY - Columbia - VG/VG+ (US EP w/ cover) 31)AUTRY INMAN - Dream Boat - RCA - VG++ 32)JIMMY ISLE - Diamond Ring - Sun - VG++ 33)WANDA JACKSON - I'd Be Ashamed - Capitol - strong VG+ 34)JOHNNY JANO - Havin' A Whole Lot Of Fun - Excello - VG+ (REPRO, ding on label) 35)LENNIE LACOUR - Rockin' Rosalie - Academy - strong VG to weak VG+ 36)JERRY LEE LEWIS - Whole Lot Of Shakin' - Sun - VG+ 37)JERRY LEE LEWIS - High School Confidential - Sun - VG/VG to VG+ (cool pic sleeve has odd seam issue on back cover, probably a manufacturing error) 38)JERRY LEE LEWIS - Lewis Boogie - Sun - VG++ 39)LITTLE NORMAN - Drag Strip Baby - Decca - VG++ (PROMO - sticker on label) 40)BOBBY LOUIS - Adult Western - Capitol - VG++ (PROMO - sticker on label) 41)BOB LUMAN - Oh Lonesome Me - Warner Bros - VG+/VG+ to possible VG++ (cool seldom seen pic sleeve) 42)BOB LUMAN - Private Eye - Warner Bros - VG/VG+ (another cool sleeve!) 43)LONNIE MACK - Memphis - Fraternity - VG to VG+ 44)CARL MANN - Gonna Rock & Roll Tonight - Jaxon - VG+ to VG++ (RED VINYL REPRO) 45)TONY MARCH - Boston Bake Bean Baby - Tammy - VG+++ to possible NM (odd little rocker) 46)JANIS MARTIN - Drug Store Rock & Roll - RCA - VG+ (KILLER!) 47)MEL MCGONNIGLE - Rattle Shakin' Mama - Rocket - VG+++ (REPRO) 48)BUDDY MERRILL - Rock & Roll Ruby - Coral - VG+ to VG++ (Lawrence Welk sideman rocks out!!) 49)MICKEY MICHAELS - Koffee Shop Rock - Felsted - VG+ (better than you would expect!!) 50)RICKY NELSON - If You Can't Rock Me - Imperial - VG+ to VG++/VG+++ (beautiful sleeve and record - one of Nelson's BEST ROCKERS w/ killer Maphis solo!!) 51)RICKY NELSON - Believe What You Say - Imperial - VG/VG+ to VG++ (another Ricky sleeve and GREAT ROCKER w/ awesome Burton solo!!) 52)RICKY NELSON - You Know What I Mean - MCA - NM (probably the BEST RECORD of 1986 - KILLER ROCKABILLY!!) 53)ROY ORBISON - Dream Baby - Monument - VG+/VG+ (cool pic sleeve with initials written on back) 54)PARIS BROTHERS - This Is It - Brunswick - VG++ (good rockin' Everlys sound) 55)TRACY PENDARVIS - A Thousand Guitars - Sun - VG++ to VG+++ 56)CARL PERKINS - Cat Clothes EP - Charly - VG++/NM (cool 80s issue UK EP w/ 4 Sun cuts including "Cat Clothes"!!) 57)ELVIS PRESLEY - My Baby Left Me - RCA - VG+ (lines label) 58)ELVIS PRESLEY - T.R.O.U.B.L.E. - RCA - VG+++ (cool 70s Elvis rocker!!) 59)ELVIS PRESLEY - TV Guide Presents Elvis - RCA - VG++ (REPRO of rare promo - no label on flip, not sure what's there) 60)ELVIS PRESLEY - Let's Have A Party - Soundtrack - VG+++ (dubious origin time -- from actual "Loving You" soundtrack??) 61)JODY REYNOLDS - Tight Capris / Endless Sleep - Demon - strong VG+ (great two sider) 62)RUDI RICHARDSON - Fool's Hall Of Fame - Sun - VG++ 63)FLOYD ROBINSON - Motorcycle Man - UA - VG+++ (60s weirdness) 64)ROCKIN STOCKINS - Yulesville USA - Sun - NM (PROMO w/ red label) 65)JACK SCOTT - Goodbye Baby - Carlton - VG+/VG+ (w/ pic sleeve that appears to be AUTOGRPHED (see pic) -- can't verify it, but it bel;onged to a friend of mine who went to a lot of shows in the 80s and 90s and always brought records to be signed, so I'm pretty sure it's legit) 66)JACK SCOTT - Burning Bridges - Top Rank - VG+/VG )w/ pic sleeve, name written on one side) 67)MACK SELF - Easy To Love - Sun - VG++ 68)RAY SMITH - Makes Me Feel Good - Judd - VG++ 69)RAY SMITH - Put Your Arms Around Me - Judd - VG++ 70)JIMMIE RODGERS SNOW - Bee Line - RCA - VG+ (PROMO) 71)CLYDE STACY - Hoy Hoy - Candlelight - VG- (a little rough but what a great rocker!!) 72)DANE STINIT - That Muddy Ole River - Sun - VG+++ 73)THREE D's - Crazy Little Woman - Paris - VG+ to possible VG++ (PROMO, sticker on label) 74)BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL - Come On Baby - Alley - VG++ 75)JACKIE TRENT - Little Andy - Nasco - VG+ (writing on label) 76)TUNE ROCKERS - Green Mosquito - UA - VG+ (sticker, writing on label) 77)JESSE LEE TURNER - Shake Baby Shake - Carlton - VG to VG+ 78)GENE VINCENT - Who Slapped John / Bluejean Bop - Capitol - VG- to VG (absolute MONSTER two-sider) 79)GENE VINCENT - Lotta Lovin' - VG to VG+ (sticker on label) 80)GENE VINCENT - Dance To The Bop - Capitol - VG 81)GENE VINCENT - Story of The Rockers - VG+ to VG++ 82)THOMAS WAYNE - Girl Next Door - Fernwood - VG+ to VG++ 83)JIM WILLIAMS - Please Don't Cry Over Me - Sun - VG++ 84)BOBBY WOOD - That's All I Need - Joy - VG+++ (PROMO - good rocker!!) 85)DALE WRIGHT - Forget It - Fraternity - VG+ to possible VG++.

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