Monday, December 6, 2010

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #69 Live - Undone

Tonight on Red Red Wine On A Sunday, I head back to the year of 1997. I got the RRWOAS Time Machine stocked up and ready to take us back to the days of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, the Titanic and the Fifth Element.

Here's The Playlist:

Boys On The Docks
Dropkick Murphys
Boys On The Docks EP

Da Doo Ron Ron
The Donnas
The Donnas

Punk Virtuoso
30 Amp Fuse
Saturday Night at the Atomic Speedway

Waiting For The Kid To Come Out
Soft Effects

Star Wars Hips
Lifter Puller
Lifter Puller

Like a Bad Girl Should
The Cramps
Big Beat From Badsville

Jesus Ranch
Tenacious D

Last Day
Silver Sun
You Are Here

So Much For The Afterglow

Red Sweater!
The Fury Of The Aquabats!

T.K.O. From Tokyo
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp
'Til Niagara Falls...

Leaving Town
Bluebeat Stompers
West Coast Chronicles, Vol. 1

Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Mojo 7"

Soundproof 7"

Off the Wagon
The Get Up Kids
Doghouse 7"

Never Make Me Blue
The Thanes
Larsen 7"

Little Girl
The Chesterfield Kings
Misty Lane 7"

On Your Own
Food 7"

4AD 7"

If you would like to download the show in MP3 format - click the link below


Next week, the episode will be #70, so it will be time for some more great Covers

In 2 weeks, it will be the Monday before Christmas, so it will be time for the Red Red Wine On A Sunday 2010 Christmas Extravaganza.

If you have any suggestions or songs to contribute to either of those shows, please let me know at

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