Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #46 - Live and Dangerous

Had some fun this past Sunday night on Real Punk Radio. My first (well, OK, 2nd) attempt at a live show and I actually set the software up correctly and recorded it. A bit raw, but I'll get better as I learn how to flip the switches and turn the dials. Thanks to all who came by the chat for encouragement!

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I'll be live every Sunday evening at 9 PM Pacific.

Here's the Playlist:

Drop Them Gloves
Paul Westerberg
PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys

Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)
The Clash

Black California
Alone in Babylon

Hard Up Blues
Blankenship Brothers
Rockabilly Party
Ebay Rock 45's 8/20/10

Sweet Little Succubus
Lonesome Kings
Shotgun Full Of Blues

High Horse
Jim Jones Revue
Daytrotter Sessions

Twenty-Flight Rock
Eddie Cochran
20th Anniversary Album

Stuck Between Stations [Acoustic Version]
The Hold Steady
American Music
Besides Asides Blog

Common At Noon
Real Kids
All Kindsa Girls 7"

Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 1)
Camper Van Beethoven
Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart

I Don't Need You(Cause I Got Me)
The Nubs
NCS 7"
Hot Rod
Collins Kids
Hot Rods & Custom Classics

'54 Desoto
Miss Fire And The Detonations
Miss Fire And The Detonations

4000,000.37 Miles (Breaking the Sanity Barrier)
Man Or Astro-man?
Runnin' on Fumes: the Gearhead Magazine Singles Compilation

Funny Funny
The Groovie Ghoulies
Runnin' on Fumes: the Gearhead Magazine Singles Compilation

You Treat Me Bad
The JuJus
Fenton 7"
Ebay Rock 45's 8/20/10

Its All Up to You
Killed By Death #999
Ebay Rock 45's 8/27/10

Sunset Strip
The Riptides
Sunset Strip EP
Ebay Rock 45's 8/20/10

Never Listen to Me
Personal Life

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