Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ebay Rock 45's (8/20/10)

Ebay Rock 45's
Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently.
Here's the list for Friday, the 20th of August, 2010

1962 Appalachian Genius

1960 Rockabilly

From The Auction:
JUJUS: You Treat Me Bad (On Best Of Pebbles # 3 (Caveman Stomp) LP- Pebbles # 1 LP- Teenage Shutdown # 2 (You Treated Me Bad!) LP) 2:18- Hey Little Girl (On Pebbles # 8 LP) 2:06 (U.S. 7" Vinyl Fenton Records 1004 Mint Minus, Grand Rapids MI. Garage)

Nubs I Don't Need You
1979 Punk

Riptides Sunset Strip $214.50
From the Auction:

Here you have one of the absolute best, rarest and most in-demand punk / powerpop 7" releases from Australia. All three tracks are absolutely essential. In stunning condition!

Hey, it was his Birthday last Monday!

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