Sunday, September 12, 2010

2008 Menage A Trois Chardonnay

Uncorked a 2008 Menage A Trois Chardonnay from the Folie A Deux winery this afternoon. Nice and spicey! Here's the propganda from the back label:

Our Chardonnay is a true California menage a trois: fresh citrus aromas from Monterey, lush tropical flavors from Santa Barbara and fine structure from Mendocino.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday afternoon. I got some Football on, the grill is pumping out skewers full of Shrimp and fresh cut Pineapple, and I'm pickin out covers for tonight's live show on Real Punk Radio. If you are around tonight at 9 PM pacific (midnight eastern) head on over for the show. I'll play some requests, if ya have any favorite covers.

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