Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ebay Rock 45's (3/19/10)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post the 5 rock 45's that commanded the highest $$$$ on Ebay over the last week.

Here's the list for Friday, the 19th of March, 2010

1977 Punk
From the auction:
"My name is Chuck Dukowski.
I was the original bassist for Black Flag and an SST Records owner until the end of
1989. I perform on this SUPER RARE and IMPORTANT
record. It was recorded in late 1977 at Media Art Studios and came out in
1978 after our name was changed from PANIC to BLACK FLAG and
ROBO replaced Brian Migdol on drums.
This is an unopened unplayed copy of the first pressing of
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN featuring Raymond Pettibon's pre- bars logo
hand lettered Black Flag font. This particular copy of Black Flag's
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN is unopened and still sealed with the little SST logo sticker.
It has been stored for all of these years in an envelope in my desk.
I stuck it in the envelope back in '78 after I packed the record in it's bag with the folded paper
insert and sealed it with the SST sticker. I think there were 500 total made.
I'll bet there are no other unopened copies of this record in existence besides it's mate
in my archive."
Hear the song on Red Red Wine On A Sunday #22
67 Minnesota Garage Rocker
See another one from the same band / auctioneer below

1966 Garage Rocker

1961 Surf - Produced by Brian Wilson

Another one from the Elektra's
From the Auction:
"1967 Minnesota Private-Pressing Garage 45 by THE ELECTRAS
entitled "I'm Not Talkin"/"Pregnant Pig" on Scotty Records (#6720).
Incredibly hot cover of the Yardbirds' classic on the A-side,
ungodly great fuzz instrumental on the flipside!
This copy came personally from Tim, the band's lead singer,
and it's funny - he was very critical of himself and he wrote
personal notes on his own private copy at the time
the record came out!"
Great stuff!

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