Monday, June 28, 2021

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #496 - The Ledge


                       This week the subject is Caffeine - Coffee, Tea, Sweet Tea, Etc.

Here's the Playlist:

Coffee And Cigarettes
Jimmy Eat World
Suggested by Boyd

Hey Kentucky
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Above The Sweet Tea Line

The Ledge
The Replacements
The Ledge 12"
From Mike's Archive

Tea For Two
Chubby Checker 
Twistin' Round The World

Early In The Morning
Bottle Rockets
Mountain Stage 96 & 98
Thanks to Jer!

Forty Cups Of Coffee
Danny Overbea
Hits That Jumped!

Jumpin' East of Java
Brian Setzer Orchestra
Jumpin' East of Java: Live in Japan

If I Didn't Love You
Travis Pike's Tea Party
Sixties Rebellion

Two Cups of Tea
Star Fucking Hipsters
Until We're Dead

If Sugar Was As Sweet As You
Seconds of Pleasure

One Cup Beyond
Hillbilly Casino
Three Step Windup

Bald Headed Woman
The Kinks
The Kinks

Pennyroyal Tea
MTV Unplugged In New York

Black Tea
The Kidnappers
Neon Signs
Cheers to Jake!

Coffee or Wine
Field Music
Making a New World

Unpleasant Breakfast
The Hold Steady
Open Door Policy

Royal Chant
Bandcamp Single

Greg Hoy

Ryan Glenn
Faraway Rose

No No No
Tommy Ray
Handful Of Hits

Chaise Longue
Wet Leg
Bancamp Single

Down That Road
Bancamp Single

Over It
Geoff Palmer
Stardumb 7"

Hey Fanzine!
The Peppermint Kicks
The Peppermint Kicks

Playing Keepers (My Summer Story)
Ralphie's Red Ryders
Bandcamp Single

Dirty Taint
Summer Soon

Teardrops And Lollipops
Beatnik Termites
Sweatin' To The Termites

All Night Long
The Idolizers

Wake Me, Shake Me
The Coasters 

Afternoon Tea
The Smithereens
RCA 7"

Caffein Nicotine Benzedrine (And Wish Me Luck)
Jerry Reed
RCA 7"

A Gentle Awakening
J.D. McPherson
Rounder Records 7"

After Tea
The Spencer Davis Group
United Artists 7"

Totally Wired
The Fall
Earmark 7"

Tea In The Sahara (Live)
The Police
A&M 7"

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Clips on the Show :

Selections from the Sounds Of 76 And The American Revolution album

The Boston Massacre
Paul Revere's Ride
The Boston Tea Pary

Bed Music:

Tea For Two     Lloyd Mumm And His Starlight Roof Orchestra
Nahual     Surf Terror
Tea For Two Cha Cha     Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
Breakfast At Tiffany's      Henry Mancini

Next week, time for The Best of 2021 (So Far)..

In 2 Weeks, The RRWOAS Time Machine will be fired up and the co-ordinates will be set to 1986.

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