Sunday, November 11, 2018

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #403 - A Little Bit Drunk #2

Tonight you will hear the Best Of Little Kids Screaming - wait, that's next week......

Here's the Playlist:

Funny Little Feeling
Rock N Roll Soldiers
The Weak Blame The Strong

My Little Problem
The Replacements
All Shook Down
Suggested by Mike

Little Glass Pill
Bob Mould
Beauty & Ruin

Poor Little Me
The Presidents of the United States of America
Kudos To You
Suggested by Jake

Little Mr. Walkaround
Apa State Mental
Apa State Mental
Suggested by Kate

Come My Little Baby
The Chantels
The Chantels

My Little Underground
The Jesus And Mary Chain
Suggested by Boyd

Little Tiny Pieces
Bullet Lavolta
The Gift

Little Miss Awesome
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Partner In Crime

Little Dreamer
Van Halen
Van Halen
Suggested by Jer

Bad Little Woman
The Shadows Of Knight
Back Door Men
Suggested by John

Crazy Little Kitten
The Strays
This Is

Little Lover's So Polite
Silversun Pickups

Little Dawn
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
Shake the Sheets

A Little Bit Drunk #2
Paul Westerberg
Unintentionally Bootleg
Link -

Bloody Nose
Dirty Few
Volcom Sessions EP

The History of Rock and Roll
Suck It

It's So Weird
Juliana Hatfield

She's A Rockin' Machine
Archie and the Bunkers
Songs from the Lodge

The Headlines
In the End

Pretty Vicious
Move Single

The Rumble Strip
Preacher Boy
The Rumble Strip

Hey Neanderfuck
Digital Garbage

What a Shame
Wish You Success

Too Little Too 
Late Miles Kane
Coup De Grace

Little One
Jeremy & The Harlequins
Remember This

Small Man In a Big World
Murder In A Foreign Place
Suggested by Darren

Little Marlene
Norton 7"

Rich Little
Excerpts From The First Family Rides Again Boardwalk 7"

Little Miss Emperor
Iggy Pop
A&M UK 7"

Sweet Little Succubus
Lonesome Kings
Rockin Raven Red Vinyl 7"

A Little Piece Of Leather
Donnie Elbert
Sue Records  UK 7"

10 Little Bottles
Johnny Bond
Starday 7"

Little Mascara
The Replacements
UK Sire 7"

Stairway To Gilligan's Island
Little Roger & the Goosebumps
Splash 7"

Background music the show:

O Barquinho (Little Boat) Charlie Byrd With The Walter Raim Strings
San Antonio Rose                   "Big" Tiny Little Featuring Josephine
Little Fink Surfs Again             Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos

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Next week,.the subject will be Big.
in 2 weeks, the subject will be Dead.

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