Monday, July 5, 2021

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #497 - Trouble On The Way


                                       It's The Best of 2021 so Far Show

Here's the Playlist:

Turn Up That Dial
Dropkick Murphys
Turn Up That Dial

The Killing of Georgie (Part III)
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
When God Was Great

Family Farm
The Hold Steady
Open Door Policy

Maybelline (Live)
Alex Chilton
Boogie Shoes: Live On Beale Street

Trouble On The Way
The Replacements
The Pleasure's All Yours: Pleased To Meet Me Outtakes & Alternates

Ti Piscio Sul Presepe
The Dirtiest
Thanks to Dave!

The One Who Got Away
Jakob Mind
The One Who Got Away

Summer Lake
Darryl Blood
Broken Book
Suggested by John

Mississippi Phone Booth
John Hiatt & Jerry Douglas
Leftover Feelings

Psychobilly Sunday
Ryan Glenn
Faraway Rose

Death From Above
The Black Heart Death Cult
Sonic Mantras
Contributed by Kate

Pool Hopping
illuminati hotties
Let Me Do One More

American Parasite
The Joy Thieves
American Parasite

Grapes Of Wrath
OK Human
From Boyd's List

I Expect It Always
Dinosaur Jr.
Sweep It Into Space

B. Santa Ana, 1986
Nick Waterhouse
Promenade Blue

The Future
Teenage Fanclub
Endless Arcade

Suck It Up
Juliana Hatfield

Parade Of Lights
Matthew Sweet

The Cudas
Alien Vacation

Dead Ringer
Jeremy Porter And The Tucos
Candy Coated Cannonball

Light Up the Fire
Cheap Trick
In Another World
Thanks Jer

Remember to Forget
Drug Church
Tawny - EP
Contributed by Jake

Never Again Your Slave
Electric Boys
Upside Down

How Can You Walk Away
John Paul Keith
The Rhythm of the City

A Letter To St. Peter
Greg Hoy
Cacaphony LP

Summer Summer
Beatnik Termites
Sweatin' To The Termites

Ride It Out
The Glycereens
Atomic Army

I Wanna Get High To The Music
Came Down Different

Jeff Rosenstock

Life's Lemons
Chubby and the Gang
Partisan 7"

Geoff Palmer
Stardumb 7"

Slander Tongue
Slovenly 7"

The Chats
Bargain Bin 7"

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Clips on the Show :

Dune Trailer
Black Widow Trailer
The French Dispatch Trailer
tick, tick, BOOM Trailer
No time To Die Trailer

Bed Music:  All from the new Earl Slick album "Fist Full Of Devils"

Bad Brew
Fistful of Devils

Next week, The RRWOAS Time Machine will be fired up and the co-ordinates will be set to 1986.
In 2 weeks, Toys will be the Subject.

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