Sunday, January 25, 2015

2012 Runquist "Z" Zinfandel

Ahh yesssss  - a Zinfandel that just exudes juiciness.  Opened up a Christmas gift from a friend and I have to say that if you have friends that give you a nice wine, keep them close!

The wine is from a small producer in Amador county - Jeff Runquist Wines.  He names the wine by one letter  - "Z".  Nice and simple.  He sources the grapes from centuries old vines and mixes a bit (15%) of local Petite Sirah into the wine.  Now, I have to admit this wine surprised me a bit as many of the old vine zins that I love are big, bold and dark dark dark.  This one is dark, but a bit lighter that what I expected.  Got some great Blackberry and cinnamon in the nose and it's very well balanced on the tongue.  This one should go well with the Salmon (pan fried in Macadamia nut oil) on the menu tonight.  What a great combination, if you haven't tried it - a nice mix of flavors.


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