Sunday, November 30, 2014

2012 Sobon Estates Rocky Top Zinfandel

Rainy Day - perfect for a robust Zinfandel.  Got the holiday decorations up and it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Ok - the fruits of the Sobon Estates labor.  Sobon Estates is one of my favorite producers of Zinfandel in Amador County.  Their Zins are consistently good and this one is from the Rocky Top vineyard.

Very dark and purple, this wine has a wonderful nose of perfume and intense dark spice.  On the tongue, Blackberries predominate with some vanilla and plum on the way to the back of the throat.  At 14.5%, this one warms all the way down.  This will go great with the homemade Minestone and fresh baked French bread that my wife is whipping up for the evening.


Sobon Estates website ----- >  high fruit and low tannins

Wine Enthusiast on Sobon ----- > historic D'Agonstini Winery

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