Sunday, August 4, 2013

Anderson Valley Brewing Summer Solstice Cream Ale

Creeping up over the 90 degree mark over here on the Left Coast, so time for a nice light session ale. Poured the summer seasonal from the Anderson Valley Brewing Company, a cream ale called Summer Solstice.  Brewed with a proprietary recipe that must include some caramel and honey flavors, this one has a creamy rich taste with very little hop bite.  At only 5% ABV, it goes down smooth and begs to pour another.  I've been working my way through a 6-pack these last few weeks and have found the carbonation level to vary quite a bit - from almost flat to just a finger of head.  Wonder if I got some that were bottled during a bad day on the bottling line?  Don't like the fact that the carbonation is all over the place - doesn't speak too well of the brewery.  The 3 that had carbonation were great and I'd recommend you try it yourself, but I won't be going back for more, as Russian Roulette is not my favorite game.


Anderson Valley's website ----->  Creamy mouth feel

Beer Advocate ----->  83

PS - snacks courtesy of Trader Joes - love those blistered peanuts!

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