Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ninkasi Renewale 2013 Extra Special Bitter

Well - it's gonna hit 90 degrees out here today - what happened to Spring?  Dang global warming is ruining everything....time for a brew on a hot summer day.  Grabbed a six pack of the Ninkasi Renewale ESB on my trip up to the Pacific Northwest a few weeks ago and I've cracked open the last of the lot this afternoon.  The beer pours a nice copper color with a small head.  Grassy hops - kinda smells like a nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  Nice balance on this one, as is usual with the style.  The brewery is located in Eugene, Oregon and is named for Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of Brewing.  I've noticed that some of the Brewery's offerings are making it down to us here in Northern California - I need to try some more....

The ESB beer page at Ninkasi - Fruity esters come alive

The Not So Professional Beer Blog on the beer - Cheers to Ninkasi


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