Saturday, February 2, 2013

Boeger Hangtown Red Lot 46

A beautiful Saturday afternoon is coming to an end, but have no fear as I've cracked open a nice red blend to start the evening off right.  Yes - posting some Red Wine Thoughts on a Saturday, as you know there is some kinda sporting event that I'll be watching about this time tomorrow - go Niners!  I thought it quite appropriate that I have a wine from the foothills of California, where the original 49ers swarmed to to find gold - yep that was 1849 - get yer history books out....

This is a Boeger Hangtown Red lot 46.  Now I've waxed poetic about lot's 39 and 40 in previous posts and have been working my way through the blends.  This one is the best of the Lot - no pun intended.  Seems that they have gone away from the Rhone varietals and made this one with Cab, Zin, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Barbera.  What a nice blend with the Zinfandel predominating - just what I like.  At only about $7 smackers down at my local Trader Joes, ya can't go wrong.

Propaganda from the Winery - Italian and BBQ Dishes

Not sure if you can tell by the photo, but the Juke is empty and I'm picking some covers to put in - some tough choices to narrow it down and you'll be hearing some of them them on the show tomorrow.  Got a nice section devoted to Rockabilly too, with some Cash, Presley, Cochran, Vincent, Smith and Bennett.  Hmm - I need to do a Rockabilly show soon.  Threw in the few Outsiders related 45's too - I'm gonna need some help with that show - gonna be a fun one.

Speaking of the covers show - check out the video below - it's the state senator from Minnesota impersonating Mick Jagger - hilarious stuff!

Al Franken as Mic Jagger, Tom Davis as Keith Richards, backed by the Solid Gold Band led by Michael Miller (on guitar!), Dave Edelstein on bass, and Ron Aston on drums.


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