Sunday, February 17, 2013

Almanac Brewing Company Biere de Chocolat American Porter

Nice and sunny out here on the Left Coast this fine Sunday afternoon.  Popped the top on an Almanac Brewing Company Biere de Chocolat American Porter.  This one is touted as an "California Table Beer" - meaning that the brewers "select the best in locally sourced fruit and blend it into their beers that are inspired by the great brewing traditions of the world".  This one has a couple of unique ingredients:

Dandelion Chocolate - this company roasts small-batch, unique, single-origin cocoa beans to create rich complex chocolate bars that highlight the unique flavors of their different terroirs (what - is this a wine?). The chocolate used in this beer is sourced from Madagascar and Rio Caribe Venezuela.

Ivanhoe hops - sourced from farms in Clearlake, California which lend a citrusy note to the beer.

This one is only 5.5% abv.  Lightly carbonated, the malts give this one a midnight black color with a very small amount of foam.  Easy drinking and smooth.  Glad I tried this one out at the recommendation of the local beer shoppe.  Cheers!

Click the link for some Propaganda from the Brewery ----->  quaffable chocolate brew

Some reading material courtesy of Boyd - can't wait to dig in to these!

Finally received my 3 pack of The Windowsill / The Real Danger split 7" vinyl.  Kinda like the purple - what's your favorite flavor?


  1. Glad ya got the books, Jerry. Think you're gonna like Evenings Empire. Facinating look at the music industry. Enjoy!

  2. Just dove into it Boyd - can't put it down for a minute....