Sunday, December 30, 2012

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #166 - Left Here In the Dark (Live in Dekalb)

Resolutions - yeah - I have a few, but first - Happy New Year!

Here's the playlist:

Happy New Year
Liquor Giants

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
Ella Fitzgerald
Sleigh Full of Songs
Suggested by Noland of the Tanked

New Year Message
Johnny Burnette
The Train Kept A-Rollin' Memphis To Hollywood

Happy New Year
The Collisions
Ramone to the bone Presents - A Fuckin Pop-Punk Christmas !!

New Year's Eve
Tom Waits
Bad As Me

Unhappy New Year
Steve Dahl
Ayatollah 7"

New Year's Revolution
Xmas Has Been X'ed/New Year's Revolution

I Love My Computer
Bad Religion
The New America

Fancy a Facebook?
Usual Players

Lou Chimes
Lux and Ivy's  Favorites Volume Two

The Fags
The Fags (EP)

Black Vinyl Suicide
The Dubrovniks
Audio Sonic Love Affair

Dark Night
The Blasters
Hard Line

1st EP

Into the Darkness
The Meteors
In Heaven

Left Here In The Dark
Live In Dekalb (4/5/85)

Fun In The Dark
Groovie Ghoulies
Fun In The Dark

In The Movies
Pretty Together

Apa State Mental
The Reunited Heavy Metal States of Apa State Mental

Ghost From The Barrow
Paddy And The Rats
Tales From The Docks

Sweet Sour
Band Of Skulls
Sweet Sour
Suggested by John 

Adult Books
Dangerhouse 7"

No Books!
The Pattern
Gearhead 7"

One Of The Survivors
The Kinks
RCA 7"

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Next week, 
I'll be taking the week off.

On January 13th, the subject will be the year 2006.

The week after, Robots will run amok!

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