Sunday, July 7, 2013

2010 Bogle Vineyards Essential Red

  1. es·sen·tial  

    Absolutely necessary; extremely important.
    Something absolutely necessary.
    fundamental - substantial - basic - main - material

    Cracked open a 2010 Bogle Vineyards Essential Red this afternoon and I have to say that the folks over at Bogle certainly picked an appropriate name for this great red blend.  This wine will be an essential part of my shopping list in the future.  Great dark, dark color in the glass (lotsa purple) and a fine spicy nose.  The taste is heavenly, silky fruit and some real great oak notes - vanilla and tobacco.  I cannot recommend this one more - great stuff!

    Check out the video review below - love the 2 hosts!


  1. I call this my baby Phantom. I love the Bogle Phantom but you can only get in limited quantities once a year. This year I picked up 9 bottles and popped one open last week and loved it. I paid $18 a bottle on sale. I have seen it as high as $26 a bottle. So, I bought the essential red for $11 at the same time. It is not as full as the Phantom but it is darned good value and not a typical sweet blend that you see so much of these days. I love the Phantom and I love the essential red for its taste and value. When I can't get the Phantom go buy the baby Phantom essential red. Jim

  2. Hey Jim, I need to try the Phantom! Sounds wonderful - absolutely love the Essential Red

  3. Jim, you were right about Phantom - love it!