Sunday, May 6, 2012

Goose Island Matilda Belgian Style Pale Ale

Cracked open a Goose Island Matilda Belgian Style Pale Ale this afternoon to go with a game or two of Pinball. The Rotiserrie is working on a brined Chicken for dinner - I can keep my eye on it from the gameroom - don't worry.  It is getting a bit warm out here on the left coast - perfect time for a beer.

Got a gusher when I opened this beer - excess carbonation as this one has live yeast when bottled - no vinegar notes, so bacteria hadn't got to it.  Note the head on the beer in the picture - huge!  After the head subsided and left 3 inches of lace, I was able to get at the beer and what an interesting combination of flavors  - esters from the yeast and some refined goodness - bananas, lemons, cloves - WOW!  This one was bottled in September of 2010, so it has aged in the bottle for 20 months.  The bottle says it is meant to be aged up to 5 years - sorry - gonna drink it now!

Because of the live yeast in this bottle conditioned beer, you can see the cloudiness caused by the dead yeast cells - getting my recommended daily requirement of B vitamins today!  Gives it a nice full-bodied mouth feel though....

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