Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ebay Rock 45's (10/1/10)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently.
Here's the list for Friday, the 1st of October, 2010

The Echo Valley Boys Wash Machine Boogie $394.89

1957 Rockabilly

The Who My Generation $378.00

From the Auction:

RARE Original 1965 First Pressing Australian EP

Festival Records (White / Blue Label)

Gladiators Sweet Soul Music $293.82

Roger & The Tempests Bad Bad Way 250.27

The Bats Popgun $249.00

Released in 1980. The Bats were from Connecticut and featured John Brion (Jelly Fish, Grays). This was the only single they made. Solid piece of music history.

A little extra auction tonight -

Estrus Gearbox! $51.00

From the Auction:

One of the great Estrus boxes from 1992!!
If you are into 60es fuzz and trash - this IS just for YOU.
Kinda rare lovely box to complete your collection.
This box comes absolute complete with all inserts - look at the pics. Great stuff and
lots of details.

PLUS: This box comes in coloured wax - and as you know - this coloured copy is bloody RARE!!

ESTRUS Gearbox 3x7"

Cheater Slicks - Cheater Slicks
Fastbacks - Hot Rods To Heaven
Gas Huffer - Road Runnah
Huevos Rancheros - Burrito Grande Prix
M-80's, The - '57 Nomad
Mono Men* - Warm Piston
Marble Orchard (2) - Nova '69
Mortals, The - Nitroglycerin
Muffs, The - Brand New Chevy
Nomads, The - Boss Hoss
Untamed Youth - SS 396
Vacant Lot, The - Cheater, Cheater

This Awesome EP is great for any Gearbox, Muffs, Rock, Punk fan or collector.

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